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Platform Features

Property Search Sample of Residential Likely Sellers

100M Residential Properties

ProspectNow helps you to search and find residential property data, such as age of house, listing status, location, taxable value, zoning, sales history, foreclosure status, etc.

42M Commercial Properties

ProspectNow is a fast and easy way to search for commercial property owners, complete with property information and contact information.

Commercial Property Search Sample
Advanced Filters Sample Displaying Predictive Analytics Options

Predictive Analytics

Our machine learning models  can predict which properties are most likely to sell or refinance in the next 12 months.

Owner Contact Info

ProspectNow is the best tool you can rely on to get property owner contact information and other real estate data for individual properties.

Contact Lookup & Actions Sample
Comparable Data & MLS Data Sample

Sales Comps & MLS Data

ProspectNow offers the most accurate sales comparables, the fastest access to national listing data, and a user experience that is easy enough for even the most non-technical users. 

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