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Find Any Commercial Property Owner

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Flip a switch and see which properties are 9x more likely to sell or refinance in the next 12 months. That's the power of ProspectNow's predictive analytics.


Tap into the most accurate contact information available for over 41 million commercial and multifamily properties. Make direct contact through mail, email, and phone.


Integrated tools let you prospect for new business and stay up to date with every property owner in your market.

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Powerful Results

As a broker, I really like ProspectNow - it is a turnkey solution for making calls and setting up appointments.

David Mashian, Sperry CRE

ProspectNow is the first predictive modeling and marketing platform that provides commercial real estate sales, brokerage, and lending professionals with powerful systems and tools for extracting value from massive amounts of data through machine learning.

Find valuable information about any property in the US, including ownership, sales history, liens, mortgages, tax payments, property details, legal description, foreclosures, expired property listings and more.

This is ProspectNow – the property intelligence tool that instantly extracts detailed property and owner information from your target market or existing sphere, and presents you with actionable data in a simple single-page overview.

Build Targeted Lists

ProspectNow lets you quickly build lists of property records containing the names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails of individuals and companies who own commercial real estate, as well as all the facts about the property they own.

Although it was originally developed for superstar real estate agents, the ProspectNow system can be customized for any use case that involves marketing towards commercial property owners.  

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Get More Leads

Forget wasting time on poor prospects.

ProspectNow gives you proven analytics that predict which off-market deals are the most likely to close in the next 12 months  and puts them at the top of your list.

From there, you can contact them via phone, email, or even blast out letters or postcards without leaving your desk.

Find True Owners

ProspectNow automatically searches through over 200 million corporate filings to get you every detail about properties owned by companies.

Claim Back Your Time

In less than 60 seconds, you can search the database of more than 42 million commercial properties and get owner contact information.

Generate Massive ROI

The comprehensive, yet user-friendly approach to prospecting, tasks, notes and history details helps you be more successful with every interaction.