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Entrepreneur Magazine's Best Business Bars

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Today we came across this fun list in Entrepreneur magazine. It outlines the best business bars in seven of the nation’s biggest commerce hubs. The instant we saw this we thought “What a fun, informative story idea!”

While the influence of alcohol should never be the prime motivator for getting a deal done, it is nevertheless present in many deal-making atmospheres. On the golf course. During the last hour of the latest commercial real estate conference. And, of course, you can oftentimes find it accompanying your business dinner, lunch, brunch, happy hour, mid-day snack, etc., because so many of these meals are eaten at restaurants with full-service bars.
Heck, some potential clients and investors even expect you to wine and dine them to obtain their business. With that in mind and, well, the fact that it’s summer and every hour seems just a little bit happier, we thought we’d share Entrepreneur’s top metro picks for best business bars. The article also features links to some related posts, such as 15 Rules for Talking Business Over Drinks and The Art of Small Talk for Business, which we also think you’ll find extremely useful.
Just remember, however, that as quickly as alcohol can create a lightened atmosphere, it can just as easily create regrets the following morning. If possible, aim for a couple drinks – with food – and plenty of water. You want to close a deal, not your career prospects. That said, if you’re ever in the Bay Area we’d love to check out the Azúcar Lounge with you. Enjoy!

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