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Capitalize on Summer Business

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screenshot_13764It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy…right? Wrong, if you ask Mike Mann, an extremely successful Internet entrepreneur who recently wrote the book Make Millions & Make Change!Secrets to Business and Personal Success. According to Mann, summer is the perfect time to beef up your workload and nab clients while the competition is on vacation or working shorter hours.

Summer Business Happens

It actually makes perfect sense when you think about it. Yes, business activity does slow during the summer, as offices are short staffed and everyone knows that availability is limited due to vacation schedules and “summer hours.” But that doesn’t mean business stops altogether, right?
If that were true then entire office buildings would close down for this three-month period – and we all know that isn’t true – or practical! Instead of whiling away the last lazy days of summer, Mann encourage entrepreneurs and salesmen to swoop in on the competition, setting themselves up for a flurry of activity once it’s back to business as usual.
Even if you’re not reaching out to clients and getting deals done, summer provides the perfect lull to re-evaluate your business plan, beef up your sales strategies and ensure that, come fall, you’re ready to meet your clients (and competition) head on.
“Summer is the right time to give in to your inner entrepreneur and start a new business or give your existing business some needed attention,” Mann says in a recent press release. “The days are longer, networking is easier and calendars are lighter…There are more hours in the day to get things done and many times people have fewer work obligations. Existing businesses should take advantage of this extra time by improving their best practices.”
Summer doesn’t have to be all work and no fun, however. Mann also encourages entrepreneurs to take advantage of the great weather and laid-back atmosphere. Summer barbeques can provide ideal networking environments, as can golf outings, he notes.
Whatever your plan, try to strike the right balance of business and pleasure for you. Just remember that while you’re trying to tip your scale in favor of future business, your competition is likely tipping his scale to a few more margaritas. CAPITALIZE!

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