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Don’t Miss These Top 6 CRE Blogs from 2017

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We wanted to recap some of our favorite and most popular commercial real estate blogs from the year. We’ve explored everything in 2017, from turning cold calls into warm calls to what qualities the best CRE drip email campaigns have – so don’t miss out on these top 6 CRE blogs from 2017.

#1: 6 CRE Trends to Watch in 2018 (And How They Impact Your Prospects)

Wondering what the commercial real estate industry will look like in 2018 and how today’s emerging market dynamics will affect the business in the long run? This blog takes a close look at the 6 CRE trends to watch in 2018 and how they will impact your prospects. Hint: After the commercial real estate industry saw incredible growth in 2016 and 2017, CRE professionals and investors are anticipating another great year for the industry. Find out more by reading the blog.

#2: 4 Qualities of an Epic CRE Drip Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing in today’s commercial real estate market. Whether you are a seasoned agent or if you are just starting out in the CRE industry, an intriguing email drip campaign can set you apart from the competition. Read the blog here.

#3: 3 Things CRE Brokers Can Learn from Predictive Analytics

The commercial real estate industry is beginning to embrace predictive analytics – something that will change the way brokers close deals and will help them grow their clientele. Learn more.

#4: 5 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Call With Lead Intelligence

Any good real estate agent knows that cold calling is a vital part of building their network of clients and that creating a sense of camaraderie with prospective leads will make them more keen on listening to what you have to say. Do your homework ahead of time with the help of lead intelligence is one way to build this connection. Read the blog.

#5: 5 Tips for Data Driven Prospecting in Real Estate

Are you spending loads of time prospecting for new leads, but always coming up short? This may be the perfect opportunity for you to look at data to help with your prospecting efforts. Read the blog to learn more about how data can help drive prospecting in commercial real estate.

#6: 3 Valuable Pieces of Information You Can Learn About Your Lead in 4 Minutes

Time is one of the most valuable resources anyone can have and real estate agents certainly don’t want to waste precious time they could be spending closing more sales. The key to prospecting isn’t finding clients – it’s about finding the right type of clients. If you are looking to save time, read this blog to find out what three valuable pieces of information you can learn about your lead in just four minutes.
We hope you enjoyed our recap of the top 6 CRE blogs from 2017. We hope you can take the information presented in these blogs to help you grow your commercial real estate business in the new year.

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