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4 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling to Get Over Cold Feet

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One of the hardest parts of any sales job is the dreaded task of cold calling. Picking up the phone and not knowing how the person on the other end of the phone is going to respond or react to your call can certainly make anyone have cold feed, but fear no more because there are ways to improve your cold calling to get over those cold feet.


This may sound silly, but you next time you dial a cold call, smile for at least twenty seconds. Research has shown that wearing a smile brings benefits that can help you get over your cold feet when it comes to cold calling. Smiling can reduce stress, lower your heart rate and can build rapport, as smiling changes the way you sound when you speak.

Be Prepared

ProspectNow can help you be more prepared for cold calls by providing you with background information on the lead. The more you know about who you are calling, the more you will have to speak about and the more the prospect will trust you and be willing to listen to you.
ProspectNow can help you navigate through a cold call by providing you with valuable information. Without the right information even a pro cold caller will fail. Take a minute to search the prospect on Google, look up their LinkedIn and utilize all of the tools ProspectNow offers to really get a feel for who the prospect is.

Release Negative Thoughts

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome for cold calling is going into the call automatically assuming the prospect will not be interested. You should go into every call prepared and organized, while also thinking positively that your call will accomplish your goal of setting up a meeting to discuss their real estate needs. Negative thoughts will cause you to lose before you ever even pick up the phone. You will have to face rejection no matter how great of a cold caller you are. Don’t let rejection define you, let it teach you to help you in future cold calls. Rejection can work to your advantage if you let it.

Have a Plan

A big mistake many cold callers make is having a script and only reading from the script. Reading off of a script is not personable and it does not give the impression that you are knowledgeable. Have a plan that allows you to move off topic and go with the flow of the conversation. What happens if the prospect asks a question that is not answered in your script? You will look unprepared and may come off as disorganized to the prospect. Create a framework for your call that calls out specific bullet points and common questions you may need to answer.
ProspectNow is the most effective prospecting system in commercial real estate and can help you expand your brand online. Contact us today with any questions you may have and try out a demo to see how our software can help you boost your sales.

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