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4 Ways to Repurpose Existing Content to Look Like a RE Expert

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Sometimes content can be scarce and as a real estate agent, you may not always have the time to round up new and exciting content for your marketing campaigns. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to repurpose existing content and use it to your advantage to create exceptional marketing campaigns that include useful information for your clients and prospects. Here are four easy ways to repurpose existing content to look like a RE expert.

Give Commentary

One of the easiest ways to establish yourself as a real estate expert is to utilize your social media channels such as LinkedIn to share articles and information. If an article is an older article, you can re-vamp it by adding in commentary that relates it to the current time. Not only does sharing the article make you look like a real estate expert, but adding your own thoughts also gives viewers an extra ounce of information from you.

Share News in Your Newsletter

Take a few minutes to search for news articles that speak to commercial real estate for either trends or deals happening in the market. You can include these articles in your newsletter to give recipients a wide range of information on the CRE market that they may find useful. Recipients will appreciate this news brief that offers them information they want and need.  This is an easy way to share information and look like an expert that requires little effort on your part.

Do a Recap

A simple way to repurpose existing content is to do a recap, either for the quarter, month, year or any time period you’d like. This is easy to do as you already have the content – all you have to do is put all of this information into one document to send it out as an email campaign to your mailing list. Recap big deals that happened, focus on trends in the market, add in predictions for the market or even put together a compilation of research reports from your brokerage to include. This email campaign will help you look like an expert all with content that already exists – how much easier does it get?

Make it Visual

A great way to repurpose content is to make it more visual. Add in infographics and photos to add to the content to make it appear new without having to entirely update it. In your newsletter, add a photo with a link to a news story or swap out the photo if you already have one. Statistics show that adding imagery will help boost conversion rates and ultimately will improve your marketing campaign success. You don’t need to change the existing content at all – just add in some flair with exciting images!
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