Find Owners & Find Deals

The #1 commercial real estate lead generation and prospecting platform

ProspectNow is the data company for commercial real estate. We use technology to make accurate, actionable information about commercial real estate assets available to everyone.

27 million properties likely to sell or refi

You may not know it, but you’re just two taps away from making more money. ProspectNow’s predictive analytics will help you get more listings and close more deals.

Simplified Commercial Property Research

Find and contact CRE owners faster. We blend and integrate complex data from dozens of trusted sources so you can spend less time searching through property records and more time contacting decision makers.

Get the data you need, quickly

ProspectNow is the only tool providing accurate and comprehensive contact info for commercial real estate owners and principals, across the country, at an affordable price.

Extensive search filters yet easy to use

Build highly targeted lists with ease using over 150+ specialized filter selections.

Automatic Weekly Updates

Our platform is updated every week to give you the latest data.

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