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How does ProspectNow Work?

We analyze millions of historical property data to give you the properties that are likely to sell or refinance in the next 12 months.

Commercial Property Database

Search more than 10 million commercial ranked by the probability that they will sell or refinance. Filter properties nationwide by location, size, property type, building details, LTV and more. Access owner mailing addresses and telephone numbers instantly.

Residential Property Database

ProspectNow's residential database includes over 100 million properties ranked on the probability they will sell in your market. Detailed, property and owner information including phone numbers and transaction history. Whether you want to contact expired, withdrawn, or FSBO listings, find phone numbers for owners of investment portfolios, or simply reach out to more potential sellers, ProspectNow is the ultimate tool for closing more real estate deals.

Commercial Tenant Database

Search more than 30 million commercial tenants and companies nationwide. The ProspectNow tenant database can be used to target tenants and decision makers to help you close more deals. The tenant data includes data such as the annual sales, number of employees, key contacts, year founded, and the amount of space leased.

Contact Manager & Call Tracking

ProspectNow allows you to track the progress and sales activity of not just yourself, but your entire team of sales agents. The data and software are completely integrated, so your sales team can obtain thousands of leads while you are provided with the metrics necessary to measure your business success. ProspectNow is the only system on the market to date that provides leads, data feeds and contact management tools all in a single application. Just turn it on and start prospecting.

Data File Downloads

If you already have a CRM you like to use, ProspectNow also offers a data export feature that allows you to download the data to Excel so you can load it into your CRM. For more information, Contact Us or call 888-956-9998.

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