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How to Get a Heloc on Investment Property

If you own residential or commercial property, you may currently be sitting on an untapped source of funds. If you have stagnant equity in your home, business, or investment property, you may be doing your finances a huge disservice. You can take that money and turn it into an opportunity for profit with the help […]

Tips for Excellent ROI Commercial Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate is an excellent, long-term investment, but it requires excellent management and realistic expectations. You cannot afford to guess how much money you will make from a property. Instead, you need to determine potential and actual ROI.  All real estate investors are looking for a solid and sustainable return on their commercial […]

How the BRRRR Method Makes Flipping a Distressed House Profitable

Buying real estate is a time-honored investment that can provide long-term passive income while increasing its value. Land lasts, as the saying goes, and is something that can produce profits for decades. The difficult part is deciding which properties will make the best investments for reaching your financial goals.   As an investor, you may have […]

What Is a Tax Lien? The Basics

A tax lien is a legal claim that a government agency can place on your property in order to recoup delinquent taxes. This lien ensures that the government will be first in the line of creditors after your assets should you default on your obligations. It will appear during any title search and essentially means your property […]

Paying Back Taxes Can Get You a Home

Property taxes may seem like an unpleasant fact of life for homeowners, but they are used for items like public education, streets, hospitals, courts, voting, and so on. They are a necessary part of American life. However, depending on the value of a property, taxes can be quite expensive and, for some, difficult to pay. In […]

How Does Predictive Analysis Work?

In the past, real estate professionals predicted market trends using historical data and their own experience in the industry. Some turned to their “gut feelings” to make key decisions. Often, they made accurate predictions about the real estate market and helped guide their clients accordingly. But even the best real estate professional could not predict […]

Real Estate Tips: How to Run an Arizona Property Owner Search

Arizona is a state that beckons to many with its dry, mild winters and stunning landscape, including the Grand Canyon, one of the best-known national treasures. In 2021, the state was once again one of the fastest-growing in the US, adding approximately 269 people per day. The popularity of the state makes it a prime location for […]

How to Find Properties with Insurance Renewal Leads

As an insurance professional, you may get some leads from your company, but as you are well aware, most of your solid property insurance leads come from your hard work and community connections. Of course, every broker has their own ways of finding prospective policy buyers, but some methods are effective for everyone. And you […]

Conquering the Market: How to Find Mortgage Refinance Leads 

The housing market is still on fire, with home sales in 2021 reaching 6.1 million units, the highest number since 2006. The boom is continuing into 2022, which may prove to be the biggest year yet. Even though home prices are historically high, various factors such as low supply, increased demand, the high cost of building new […]

5 Tips for Selling Homeowners Insurance in 2022

Beautiful white and gray modern home at sunset

In some ways, the market for homeowners insurance has never been better. The housing market has soared in recent months, with people reacting to the change in job demands since the pandemic and realizing they need more space. However, the number of homes available is somewhat stagnant. The competition for buying houses is fierce, and […]