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A Full Guide to Blockchain in Commercial Real Estate

Success in real estate often depends on several factors, including how well you can use technology to your advantage. Over the last couple of decades, digital transformation has become increasingly necessary in real estate. Now, there’s a new technology on the horizon that could change the way people buy, sell, and think about property. This guide to […]

How to Wholesale Real Estate

In this uncertain economy, many people are searching for an alternative to stocks as an investment strategy. Fears of inflation and a bear market may make you afraid to invest at all. However, real estate is still a solid way to grow your money.  As a real estate professional or enthusiast, you know that you […]

How to Get a Heloc on Investment Property

If you own residential or commercial property, you may currently be sitting on an untapped source of funds. If you have stagnant equity in your home, business, or investment property, you may be doing your finances a huge disservice. You can take that money and turn it into an opportunity for profit with the help […]

Tips for Excellent ROI Commercial Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate is an excellent, long-term investment, but it requires excellent management and realistic expectations. You cannot afford to guess how much money you will make from a property. Instead, you need to determine potential and actual ROI.  All real estate investors are looking for a solid and sustainable return on their commercial […]

How the BRRRR Method Makes Flipping a Distressed House Profitable

Buying real estate is a time-honored investment that can provide long-term passive income while increasing its value. Land lasts, as the saying goes, and is something that can produce profits for decades. The difficult part is deciding which properties will make the best investments for reaching your financial goals.   As an investor, you may have […]

What Is a Tax Lien? The Basics

A tax lien is a legal claim that a government agency can place on your property in order to recoup delinquent taxes. This lien ensures that the government will be first in the line of creditors after your assets should you default on your obligations. It will appear during any title search and essentially means your property […]

Best Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategies for 2022

Successful commercial real estate investing strategies can change quickly. No matter how much experience you have in the industry, you need to find an approach that meets recent developments. Are you prepared for the state of commercial real estate investing in 2022? Keep reading to learn how you can build a successful portfolio. Popular Approaches […]

How To Make Passive Income With Real Estate Investments

Passive income is money you earn without actively participating in operations. Many people make passive income with real estate investments because they can research opportunities, invest their money, and let someone else manage their properties. Alternatively, investors can buy real estate, wait for the value to increase, and sell at a profit. As long as […]

How To Find Office Property for Sale

As more people return to their workplaces, you might find that your commercial clients want to find office property for sale that matches their new needs.