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5 Tips for Selling Homeowners Insurance in 2022

Beautiful white and gray modern home at sunset

In some ways, the market for homeowners insurance has never been better. The housing market has soared in recent months, with people reacting to the change in job demands since the pandemic and realizing they need more space. However, the number of homes available is somewhat stagnant. The competition for buying houses is fierce, and […]

Trends in Mixed-Use Development

Mixed-use developments bring together different types of spaces to create walkable areas where people can live, work, and play.

3 Ways to Fill Up Your Pipeline This Winter

As winter approaches, it’s time to think about actionable ways to start filling your pipeline now. Historically, the real estate market begins to slow down in the wintertime, which is why it is crucial that you have a healthy pipeline full of quality leads. Here are three ways to fill up your pipeline this winter. […]

Use These 5 Tricks for Finding Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn currently has over 465 million members, meaning there are 465 million potential leads and prospects for you to explore. Recently, Hubspot found that LinkedIn was more effective at generating business leads than both Facebook and Twitter. Many real estate agents know the value of LinkedIn and how it can advance their business by presenting […]

4 Tips Residential Agents Can Use for Landing Expired Listings

A simple MLS query will bring up plenty of expired listings, each offering a new opportunity for you to make another sale and gain a new client. Sellers have just been through the process of trying to sell their home and working with an agent who was not successful, so they are more than likely […]