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6 Tips for Powering Up Your Prospecting After the Holidays

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Many commercial real estate agents get into a rut when they go back to work after the holidays, but if anything, the beginning of the year should be when you power up your prospecting. The start of a new year coincides with the setting of new sales goals and the resetting of yearly metrics, so start off the year right by getting a jumpstart on your list of prospective new clients.
Every good commercial real estate agent knows that the best way to grow your business is to set up appointments with new clients, so try to maximize your exposure to prospective new leads early on in the year. The momentum gained from starting off strong can continue throughout the rest of the year. This might even make 2017 your best year yet!

Tip #1 — Set Goals

Set weekly or monthly sales goals. Some people tend to get complacent right after they have closed on a high value sale. They have met their revenue goal for the week or month, so they feel like it is okay to take a short break from prospecting. Try not to let this happen! Having an easily gauged metric of success (or several metrics of success) can help motivate you to keep up with your prospecting. Devote a certain number of hours each week to prospecting, and do not stop until you meet this target.

Tip #2 — Prioritize

Look at your list of potential new prospects and decide which ones are your priority. Devote extra time to winning their business. Spending more time following up on promising leads can help to increase your success rate.

Tip #3 — Improve Email Marketing

Work to improve your email marketing campaign. Filling your clients’ inboxes with information that is not interesting or valuable to them is a good way to get your future emails sent straight to the recycle bin. Make sure that your email marketing is targeted and full of information that is relevant to your clients.

Tip #4 — Expand Partners

Consider expanding your list of business partners. Working with another company that offers a complimentary service can help both your company and your partner company expand their list of clients.

Tip #5 — Review Value Prop

Make sure your value proposition is in line with your clients’ priorities. The first step towards accomplishing this is to make sure that you know your clients’ plans for the year. You might need to change your strategies in order to keep up with your client’s needs. Many businesses operate under a shifting set of metrics, so in order to help your clients, you will first need to make sure that you are up to date on their goals.

Tip #6 — Don’t Forget Old Leads

Do not forget about last year’s leads. If you were working with a company in December, chances are the project is still ongoing and relevant. Make sure you stay in touch with all of your clients from the 4th quarter of 2016.
Starting off the year strong and focusing on your most promising prospects can help your business succeed in 2017.

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