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5 Free Tech Tools that Help CRE Agents Streamline Their Business

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CRE pros are constantly moving and never seem to stop, whether in the office or not. The way these commercial real estate professionals do business has drastically changed in the last decade and now many tasks are streamlined using technology. Let’s take a look at seven tech tools that help CRE agents streamline their business.


Scannable takes photos of paper documents and turns them into high-quality scans ready to send to clients and colleagues. The app recognizes the difference between a receipt and a business card and automatically crops and enhances the photo. One of the most exciting features of the Scannable app is how business cards can instantly transform into contact data with LinkedIn data.


This app allows CRE brokers to make documents official literally anywhere. The top eSignature app can help finish agreements in hours, not days and provides secure access, sends reminders and allows always-moving professionals to check the status of the signing any time. You can also embed electronic signatures into existing apps to speed up the workflow.


LeaseMatrix is great for landlords, brokers, and tenants who want to compare and analyze lease terms to ensure the fairness of a deal. Conduct lease vs. buy analysis or record lease comps and the reports update automatically. This is an incredible time saver for brokers and CRE professionals.


Expensify makes receipt tracking simple. The app automates expense reporting tasks in real-time and saves loads of time uploading and generating data. The app allows you to submit expense reports, track mileage, take photos of receipts and billable hours and so much more.


Skype keeps even the busiest CRE professional in contact with clients. Skype allows you to host face-to-face meetings with clients around the world from both your desktop and your mobile device. Skype offers free online calls and simple international calling. This helps cut travel for CRE professionals and helps to maintain better communication than just an email or a phone call.

My Life Organized

If you are a CRE professional who loves making task lists and checking off completed items, this app is for you. You can organize tasks by projects, break down large tasks into steps and track all of your progress. The app is also searchable and viewing can be customized.

The News Funnel

Don’t have time to read the news? The News Funnel is the app for you. Stay up to date with all of the latest commercial real estate news with a feed that features news from over 5,000 media outlets and 3,000 real estate companies. The app delivers real-time information about the real estate industry – all in your pocket.
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