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Brokers: Motivate Your Team with These 4 Best Practices

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Real estate is a competitive industry and your team of brokers should be working together, not competing against each other. A clear way to help you establish and build the best real estate team of brokers is to motivate them to work effectively in tandem with each other. Inspire your team to put forth their best effort with these four best practices.

Don’t Micromanage

If your brokers feel no sense of freedom or feel they need to explain every decision they make, you will do the exact opposite of motivating them. Give your team space to make choices on their own and help guide them, but don’t be looking over their shoulder every minute. You want them to believe that you trust their knowledge and expertise, so take a step back and let them lead your team to success.

Set Clear Goals

Make sure every team member knows what tasks are top priorities. As the leader, you need to work with your team to establish a clear set of goals and a plan for accomplishing those goals. Once you have done that, make sure that every broker understands exactly what the goals are and what they need to do to reach them. If your team is confused about who owns what tasks, you will find that a lot of time, energy and resources are being wasted. An idea turns into a goal and it all begins with a strategic plan in place.

Minimize Meetings

A weekly staff meeting may not be needed every single week. Unless you have a clear and productive agenda, don’t schedule a meeting. Include only team members who really need to attend and make sure the meeting begins on time and that you stick to the agenda without going off on random tangents. Meetings can either be a huge waste of time or a very productive activity – it is all in your hands as to which way it goes. Check in with each broker to see if they have anything to add to the agenda and if no one has topics to discuss, don’t be afraid to cancel a meeting.

Foster Collaboration

Encourage brokers to fully participate and provide their thoughts and ideas on how things can improve. Spotlight good work and give praise when earned. Ask questions and really listen to their answers and feedback and when possible, implement their solutions. Plan team events such as happy hours to help the brokers get to know each other better and to enjoy some time away from the office. The more your team works together, the more success you’ll experience.
As the leader of your team, it’s important that you take the time to help your brokers learn and execute new ideas. Happiness and motivation are infectious, so keep an eye out and take note if your brokers seem less than excited. A quick check in to see how each team member is doing can do wonders for the morale and motivation level of your team.

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