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5 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling in 2019

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Cold calling is easily one of the most time consuming and stressful parts of working as a real estate agent. Maybe you feel you will encounter a gatekeeper or maybe you don’t think you have enough information to land a meeting – no matter the reason you are fearful of cold calling, there are ways to improve this sales tactic. The key thing to remember is that the call isn’t meant to close a sale, but rather establish a relationship with the client.
Here are five ways to improve your cold calling in 2019.
Just breathe
Don’t hold your breath while the phone is ringing. What is the worst that could happen? Get out of your own head and just relax. All you need to do on this phone call is to show that you know what you are doing and that you can help the client reach their real estate goals. Smile and keep a natural tone of voice. When you are relaxed, the client will be too.
Don’t Attempt to Close a Deal
The phone call is opening the door to closing a sale, but it isn’t the final stop. Use this conversation as a way to establish rapport and listen to what the client’s wants and needs are. Make notes so that you can follow up with the client and show that you are dedicated to helping them reach their goals.
Use Their Words
Use the same phrases and words they use on the call in your follow up. If they say they are looking for a deal, say you found a deal when you follow up. If they say they want listings in an excellent school district, tell them you have found multiple listings located within an excellent school district. Copying their words will help them trust that you are listening to what they want and applying this to your work.
Send Them What They Request
On the cold call, you should be asking what type of information they would like in order to assist in their home search. If they you want you to send them all of your listings or are looking for a specific home size or type, send them the info. Will they likely look through all of this? Probably not but don’t try to skimp on sending information simply because you don’t think all of it is necessary. You may rub them the wrong way if you don’t provide the information they are asking for. They may not know what they want, and this info can give them context to help them determine their wants and needs.
Follow Up on a Consistent Basis
One call or email isn’t enough of a follow up after a cold call. Frequently update and touch base with the person to build rapport and provide value to them. Be an agent who is consistent, but not pushy.

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