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7 Facts About Real Estate Marketing that Successful Agents Understand

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If your marketing isn’t targeted and focused, it’s worthless.
Real estate businesses waste time and money with untargeted marketing. Think it’s just a numbers game? If your real estate marketing efforts are simply to make the most calls, send the most postcards, or run the most ads – well, how is your lead generation going?
Now, this doesn’t mean these old-school techniques are wrong. Going door-to-door, cold calling, and postcard mailers are definitely worthy marketing campaigns. It’s not new real estate marketing ideas you need – it’s a narrower target audience of potential clients.
If you feel like your current tactics are just wheels spinning with no direction, or that competition in your local area is heating up, now is the time to re-examine your approach.
Competition is brutal. How can you set your agency apart from the others in your area? Brushing up on today’s on- and offline real estate marketing strategies is the perfect place to start.

7 Facts to Know Right Now About Real Estate Marketing

People still need real estate agents. But both buyers and sellers are doing much more of the initial legwork prior to hiring an agent. According to the National Association of Realtors, 44% of homebuyers started their house-hunt online in 2018. This is just one reason why real estate websites and landing pages are so important.
So, what do successful agents know that you don’t know? Yet?

You must be social

Having an account for your agency on a social media platform – actually, all the major social platforms – is a must. Facebook and Twitter are perfect for sharing information, while Pinterest and Instagram are great for showcasing house and property photos. These platforms offer an instant means of communicating with those who are ready to buy or maybe still looking – but either way, you need to be the one they “meet” first.

Keep tabs on your competition

No, you don’t have to stalk anyone to sell a home, but take a keen interest in what other real estate agents in your local area are doing. What is their website like? Are they active on social accounts? This is also a good way to see what is – and isn’t – working for your competition. Take note!

Make yourself available

Your contact information should be at the top or bottom of each page on your site, as well as in your social accounts’ description boxes. If you can, consider redesigning your Contact Us page or put clickable links in your social posts that bring visitors to an impressive landing page.

Yes, business cards are still a thing

Today, you can make your own business cards for pennies on the dollar – and they’re just as professional as ones that cost much more. Attend a community event and give them out to people in attendance or ask a local business if you can place some on their checkout counter. Small businesses are happy to help – and this is a new connection that can lead to future sales.

Take some local photos

Whether it’s a commercial or residential sale, you’re not just selling the property – you’re selling an entire region or community. Take photos of local landmarks and other sites – really showcase what makes your community better. For instance, is there a state or national park nearby? Woodlands? Rivers and creeks? Get out and get it snapped.

Not a photographer? Hire a pro

To buy or sell a home, you need great photos. Even if the house and the neighborhood are incredible, a bad picture can weaken even the strongest interest. Find a local photographer with experience in architecture photography. They’ll know just how to position the camera, get the lighting just right, and snap the perfect pics for your website, social and blog posts, and other marketing.

Capture that email address

Remember that landing page mentioned above? It should have a large, colorful space for the visitor to enter their email address in exchange for something. The exchange could be as simple as a newsletter subscription or a download of an eBook. Use those captured email addresses to begin a lead nurturing campaign, introduce visitors to the local real estate market, or to invite them to upcoming open houses you’re hosting. Visitors won’t just provide their email address if they have no interest in buying or selling a home or property – so, make sure you provide relevant content in exchange. You’ll help them remember you when it comes time to make a purchase or they’re ready to sell.

Wrap Up

Another bonus tip every successful real estate agent knows is that ProspectNow is the perfect tool for your real estate business. You can filter your results so you have time to focus on the buyers and sellers of most importance to you.
But ProspectNow isn’t just for agents and brokers. Lenders and insurance companies use these same search filters to enrich their own databases. You’ll find names, phone numbers, and addresses of potential clients, such as:

  • Property or business owners – even if they own an LLC or trust
  • Real estate investors
  • Apartment complex owners
  • Commercial property owners
  • Sellers with motivation

You’ll get all of the above – and more – for a fraction of what other prospecting sites charge.
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