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4 Tips For Targeting Just Listed Prospects

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It’s not easy to land a sale, especially when it comes to property. As a professional, it is important that you not only know the real estate market, but also know the services that you are pitching to potential property sellers so that you can convince them to do business with you.

How To Build Your List Of Prospects Fast

The selling process has greatly accelerated thanks to today’s technology, with new innovations and concepts making finding prospects easier than ever before. Here are four sound tips for how to target prospects quickly.

1. Get A Good Database Provider

There are a number of database providers for you to choose from at the comfort of your mouse and keyboard, many of which offer contact information for various property owners for homes, businesses, and plots of land. These providers can also give you company financial data and statistics, in addition to companies they have worked with in the past and present. These factors can give you an indication of what sort of tenant these property owners work with, what they specialize in, and more. It is important to choose an owner that gives you the best chance of getting a deal done, not just the biggest and brightest in the database.

2. Get Focused On A Few Niches

Specialists who are tasked to pull prospect data will typically start by choosing a target niche owner, such as a landowner or commercial building owner. When companies narrow down their focus this way, the outbound collateral will be the same across all companies that fit this niche. In turn, this leads to more success in your outreach project. These property owners are likely waiting for the right people to do business with, so you will need to help them understand that you are contacting them to help them.

3. Identify The Most “Fit” Companies

As niches are chosen, you can narrow down your list of property owners by aspects such as earnings, budget, and location. When you only go after companies that meet your buyer persona, you can easily find the best company among the candidates you are considering. The company, in particular, you would like from here is one with challenges that can be overcome thanks to your business, as these observations are to be discussed by the company’s personnel when you take the step of contacting them. If a company doesn’t have difficulties that yours can resolve, do not bother with them if you are no use to them.

4. Discover More Contacts.

One way to discover more contacts is through browsing a website like LinkedIn. By looking at the individual’s profile on LinkedIn, you can verify that they still assume the role that the data has previously suggested. You can also expand your network on LinkedIn by forming new relationships with other people you might want to do business with in the future, who may happen to own property that they are looking to sell. You can easily find new prospects this way that might not appear in a database.


Your database is the most important part of reaching out to the right property owner. Looking for the right owners, who may also be looking for the right buyers or clients, is important so that you can close the best deal you want in the least amount of time possible.

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