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3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Script When Cold Calling Prospects

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Cold calling prospects can create introductions to people and businesses willing to sell their real estate in the near future. The cold call is a time-honored way to find new opportunities and clients, but like many long-standing practices, we sometimes view it very narrowly. All too often, callers stick to scripts that they don’t need.
There’s a certain level of security in having a script for making calls. They make you feel prepared for various questions or objections that the prospect might make. Plus, scripts provide some structure to keep callers on track when they get flustered.
The desire for a cold calling script is understandable, but do you really need one to get results? Certainly not.
If your own experiences with using scripts are not particularly positive, and they’re not enhancing your ability to connect, then you should consider working without one. Here are some ways that ditching the script can help you improve your cold calling prospects.

#1. Without a Script, You Can Focus on Listening

A cold call should be a conversation, not a pitch. Scripts can make prospects defensive because they focus on what you can do for the customer rather than what the customer needs. When you have to follow a script, you don’t get many active listening opportunities that help you understand the customer’s true needs.
Instead of using scripts, develop a few open-ended questions that you can use to get the prospect talking about their business and situation. You can then listen to the answers and use that information to tell the person about the benefits of using your agency.

#2. You Can’t Develop a Relationship While Reading a Script

Your goal isn’t to make a sale today. It’s to start building relationships with cold calling prospects. How can you start building a relationship when you’re reading from a script? Imagine trying to do the same in real life. You would sound robotic and insincere. The same happens when you read scripts to potential real estate clients.
Working without a script makes for more authentic connections and allows each conversation to be unique, so it’s tailored to the person on the other end of the line. Throw out the script so you can connect with the person and start creating a long-term relationship that leads to multiple sales over time.

#3. Break Free of a Script’s Restraints

Scripts force real estate agents to follow specific lines of conversation. What happens when cold calling prospects want to discuss something not included in the script? Suddenly, agents feel lost and nervous. Take away the scripts so agents can learn to think on their feet and communicate with a broader range of people.
Encourage agents to have natural conversations with potential clients. The practice will make them better at cold calling. When they get curveball questions, they will have the confidence to answer the questions or admit that they will need to get the information from someone else before answering.

Should You Throw Out Your Scripts?

Scripts can make it difficult for agents to connect with cold calling prospects and build relationships. A well-written script can play a role in your business, though. Use them like you would other tools for building relationships with leads.
Keep your best scripts as backups that agents can use when they feel frazzled by aggressive people. A script can help agents recover from unexpected comments. You shouldn’t rely on them for all of your calls, but they can provide a backup plan when conversations fail.

Focus on Leads That Matter

Some leads are more valuable than others. ProspectNow can help you focus on the most valuable leads, such as people and businesses more likely to sell their properties in the near future. ProspectNow can also give you fresh contact information so you don’t waste time dialing old numbers.
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