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ProspectNow Launches Chainlink Node on Mainnet, Bringing Premium Real Estate Data to DeFi Markets

ProspectNow is pleased to announce that our Chainlink node is live and fully operational on mainnet, bringing our premium real estate market data into leading blockchain networks. Developers can now call our Chainlink node to get real-time predictive analytics data about residential and commercial real estate markets, including aggregate property and square footage prices within […]

How to Find Hotels for Sale

Hotels are a special type of commercial real estate (CRE). These CRE properties include real estate used for special purposes coupled with an existing business. If you’re wondering how to find hotels for sale, you should also understand this is a complex process. There are several details that must be addressed. The first question a buyer […]

How Do Land Loans Work? Your Questions Answered.

Wondering “how do land loans work?” If you’re someone seeking an interesting real estate investment for a plot of land, a “land loan” is one type of loan you should consider. So, what exactly is a land loan? How do they work? Is a land loan the right type of loan for you? We’ll break […]

6 Reasons Why Mobile Home Park Investing is Becoming More Popular

Multifamily homes and commercial buildings might be popular real estate investment opportunities. But there is another category that has caught the eye of investors lately – mobile home parks. Some of the biggest institutional investors and real estate companies are betting big on manufactured housing in the US.  Titans like Warren Buffet are bullish on the […]

Building Owners List: Finding Commercial Property Owners in Your Market

Commercial real estate professionals have basically two goals – find more clients and close more sales. In commercial property, though, finding the current owners of commercial property can be challenging. Commercial property changes hands quite often, so the ability to find this information is crucial. Using an online service like ProspectNow can keep you up […]

How to Find Property Owners’ Phone Numbers

  Do you want to reach a property owner or group of property owners, but don’t know how to find their phone numbers? In this blog post you’ll learn about 3 ways to track down contact information for property owners. Official Records Search If you just need basic information about a few properties, you can usually find what […]

3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Script When Cold Calling Prospects

Cold calling prospects can create introductions to people and businesses willing to sell their real estate in the near future. The cold call is a time-honored way to find new opportunities and clients, but like many long-standing practices, we sometimes view it very narrowly. All too often, callers stick to scripts that they don’t need. There’s […]

How to Get Commercial Real Estate Leads

  Commercial real estate leads bring business opportunities, whether you are a real estate agent looking for prospective clients, a broker looking for commercial real estate to recommend to interested buyers, an investor seeking a deal on a property, or a service provider hoping to find new clients. Leads are property owners who might be […]

How to Find Out Who Owns an LLC

Many commercial property owners form limited liability companies (LLCs) to protect their personal assets and shield themselves from lawsuits. An LLC can also make it more difficult for people to find out who owns a piece of property. Learning how to find out who owns an LLC can make it easier for you to purchase […]