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Commercial Real Estate YouTube Channels Worth Watching

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What are the commercial real estate YouTube channels worth watching? As anyone who browsed YouTube knows, the website can get tremendously addictive and be hugely educational. For every local news coverage blooper reel or old-school music video, there’s a video to help you build your career or learn a new skill.
In the commercial real estate world, there are a host of YouTube channels that help commercial real estate agents and brokers learn the information they need to know to grow their careers. So, which ones are worth your time? Here is a list of our six favorites.
America’s Commercial Real Estate Show – What could be better for a commercial real estate YouTube channel than “America’s Commercial Real Estate Show?” This channel features an enormous library of videos (approaching 675,000 views) and over 8,000 subscribers. It’s the video arm of a multimedia commercial real estate presence, covering podcasts and an in-depth website. One of the best things about the Commercial Real Estate Show channel? Aside from the extraordinary range and depth presented in the videos, the channel features an orderly, easy-to-navigate structure. Explore the “intel” section for deep dives into different topics, look to the “answers” section for short videos answered by industry figure Michael Bull, and go to the “updates” section for videos tackling news events and much more within the commercial real estate industry.
Jones Lang LasalleOne of the true heavyweights in the commercial real estate world, Jones Lang Lasalle has a robust commercial real estate YouTube channel that matches their standing in the industry. The company’s robust YouTube channel boasts nearly 13,000 subscribers and almost 4,000 videos. Browse the channel to learn about everything from employment at the company (“Working at Jones Lang Lasalle”) to industry trends (“Workplace of the Future: How Will You Work in 2030?”) and completed sales (“Jones Lang Lasalle’s Overview of the Milestone Four Seasons Hotel Sydney Sale”). The channel also features helpful links to appearances from Jones Lang Lasalle personnel on mainstream news shows and Global “Market Perspective” videos to give some industry insight. The Jones Lang Lasalle page remains one of the top commercial real estate YouTube channels worth watching.
BiggerPockets – Just starting off in the industry? Looking to gain an edge? Or, just intrigued by anything commercial real estate? If so, BiggerPockets is the place to go. BiggerPockets’ slogan is “the complete resource for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing.” The content here leans a little more towards the populist, human-interest side of the commercial real estate investing industry – witness videos like “From Single Dad w/ $61K in Student Loans to Financially Savvy Real Estate Investor” and “How to Become an Everyday Millionaire With Chris Hogan.” There are also plenty of other step-by-step videos (“How to Buy Your First Rental,” “Due Diligence on a Long-Distance Real Estate Investment,” “Do Landlords Need an LLC For Rental Property?”) and other fascinating pieces on just about every other topic. It’s one of the more fun and informative commercial real estate YouTube channels.
Grant Cardone– For those looking for a proper dose of charisma with their commercial real estate YouTube channel, Grant Cardone’s spot is the place to go. The founder of billion-dollar real estate investment company Cardone Capital, Cardone is a blunt, engaging, and informative personality with a channel that’s definitely worth a browse. This is the place to go for motivation tips or some strategies on leadership; highlight videos include “How to Handle People Not Liking You,” and “When a Client Says No.” There are also plenty of current event videos – on the presidential election, for example – and there are even some celebrity guests (“Kevin Hart and Grant Cardone Beat the Sun Up”).
Commercial Property Advisors– The YouTube home of ” the leading commercial real estate investing education and mentoring firm in the world,” Commercial Property Advisors features a vast range of informative YouTube videos for industry professionals. It’s helpful for those just going into the industry – “How to Upgrade From Homes to Commercial Investing,” “How Beginners Can Beat Experienced Commercial Investors” – and there are several gripping stories profiled, as well. Be sure to tune into videos like “97% Return on Investment in 1 Year Commercial Real Estate Deal” or “How Chris Became a Millionaire in 1 Year (True Story).” It’s one of the top commercial real estate YouTube channels worth watching.
Joe Killinger– One of the top commercial real estate personalities on YouTube, Joe Killinger’s engaging, informative channel should be at the top of any industry watcher’s playlist. Killinger is one of the real up-and-comers in the industry. His videos tend towards the informative and educational – not the boastful. They’re extremely helpful and smart clips, with titles like “What You Need to Know About Finding New Tenants and Building a Community” and “What You Need to Know About Zero Cash Flow Investment.” It’s a fun channel for those of any experience level in the commercial real estate world.

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