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Understanding Commercial Property Value

Commercial property value can be a complex calculation, depending on the property’s type, its use, the reasons for the valuation, and a variety of factors that one can take into consideration. You can use several methods for calculating the value of commercial property, including the commonly used approaches detailed below. Why You Might Want to […]

How To Find Out Who Owns a Property in Washington State

There are a lot of reasons you might want to know how to find out who owns a property in Washington. Maybe there’s an old, abandoned home in your area that you’ve always dreamed of owning, or a house on a quiet, secluded lake you’ve always admired. Or, maybe you’re just curious about a house […]

Real Estate Sales Scripts: How to Land the Listing

For real estate agencies, slow sales are often an indicator of sluggish business, lengthy disputes, or waning interest among homebuyers. Even if these things might be beyond your control, it is not a good look to require a large amount of time to close a deal on a property. The faster you close deals, the […]

Is an Apartment Commercial or Residential?

In some cases, it’s easy to tell the difference between commercial and residential real estate. A retail store obviously falls into the commercial category. A single-family home could only fit into the residential category. With apartments, though, it often gets a little more complicated. When You Know an Apartment is Residential Real Estate Some properties […]

3 Places to Find Real Estate Leads for Sale

The sooner you can identify real estate land for sale, the sooner you can get ahead of your competitors. Ideally, that means you can either purchase the property as an investment or find someone else willing to buy. Regardless, finding real estate leads can help agents earn more money. Fresh leads matter so much in […]

How Real Estate Agents Can Warm Up Their Next Cold Call

Real estate agents have been using cold calling scripts since the first home was ever put up for sale. Finding free cold calling scripts is as easy as a quick Google search – but what do you do with the script once you have it? Making contact with leads, previous clients, and client referrals historically was entirely […]

5 Biggest Commercial Real Estate Brokerages

Many agents dream of working for the world’s largest commercial real estate brokerages. Getting hired by those commercial real estate firms takes a lot of luck as well as talent and hard work. People who get hired by these brokerage services often have experience in investment banking, selling commercial properties, investment sales, and local market […]

4 Predictions for the Future of the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Like all industries, the commercial real estate industry will evolve over the next few years and decades. Keeping up with those changes could determine your success or failure in the commercial real estate market. Having access to updated data and predictive analytics will make it much easier for you to stay ahead of your competitors, […]

Take Over Those Expired Listings

There are a million reasons why a property owner may decide to sell – they’re simply ready for greener pastures, they’re changing careers and moving towns, or there’s been a death in the family. Regardless of the reason for selling, preparing a home for sale is tough. It’s a lot of work and if the […]

How to Become a Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you’re already a member of a brokerage firm, you may have noticed how commercial agents tend to be where the money is. If you’ve wondered how to become a commercial real estate agent, you enjoy the industry, and you possess the necessary confidence and communication skills, here’s how you can close the deal. Do Some […]