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How to Generate Mortgage Leads Online for Commercial Properties

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No matter how long you’ve been in the real estate business, you may sometimes wonder how to generate mortgage leads online.
Technology seems to evolve swiftly, and it changes how mortgages work and the real estate market in general. The whole process of acquiring commercial properties gets increasingly digitized every day. Commercial mortgage lending is on the upswing. According to CBRE, commercial lending momentum is just 6% shy of where it was in July 2020. The leads are there.
You just need to know where—and how—to look. The following strategies can help you effectively generate and capture these leads.

Employ SEO and Strengthen Your Presence Online

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a buzzword you’ve likely heard before. It’s still one of the best methods for generating online commercial mortgage leads. It boosts your visibility by ranking your site higher. When you have a higher ranking, more prospects see you, and the more you’re seen, the greater chance you have of converting prospects to leads.
To do it right, you need to discover applicable keywords—what those prospects type within their search tool. The keywords should have high search volume, meaning a lot of prospects search those same terms. To be effective, your keywords also shouldn’t have much competition. As a commercial agent, broker, or lender, however, that means you have to do some digging. You can use free online tools to help.
After you’ve uncovered the keywords you need, then develop your content with them in mind. Your content should offer meaningful information for prospects in any phase of the buyers’ journey. You should vary your content lengths, using both short- and long-form content. Keep in mind, long-form content tends to rank better with search engines, and images and infographics boost your content’s visibility, too. All of this is the content that gets people to your site and helps generate commercial property leads.

Claim Your Profiles on Online Platforms

It might sound obvious, but listing your agency or brokerage locally is a must.
Check sites like Yelp, CitySearch, Better Business Bureau, and Manta; your brokerage may already be listed. If so, simply claim your listing. If you’re not listed, take a moment to fill in your agency’s details and create a profile on each site for maximum exposure.

Use Social Platforms to Generate a Buzz

Neglecting social media today is the equivalent of a nail in the coffin. Having social accounts for your brokerage is crucial to successful lead generation—especially in the United States. Over 70% of Americans are on a social platform. Can you imagine the reach? The sheer number of leads just waiting for you?
But just creating business profiles isn’t enough. Afterward, you must engage with your followers, answer their questions, and respond to concerns in a timely fashion.
Social media is the perfect place to promote your services while providing value to prospects. Done right, you’ll get consistent leads at no cost.
Here are some specifics for getting it right on each social media platform:


As one of the more popular social platforms, Facebook has a high engagement level. Consider this: Nearly every potential lead uses Facebook at least once per day. You can try:

  • Sharing relevant information, industry updates, and news items
  • Interacting with current and potential clients
  • Sharing images, videos, and reviews
  • Sharing events


For photos of commercial properties, this site is perfect. Instagram is a ready-to-use media pitch. Sell your agency on Instagram by:

  • Sharing images of properties
  • Adding hashtags to posts for greater visibility
  • Sharing reviews
  • Telling prospects about upcoming events and tours
  • Highlighting successful past sales


You might scratch your head—LinkedIn? For agents and brokers? But it’s true. Professionals use this platform for networking. Commercial property investors follow agents to keep tabs on properties coming up for sale. Many prospects can be found on LinkedIn, and the professional atmosphere of the site sometimes leads to better interaction from your connections or followers.
You can review profiles, job histories, job titles, and more to gauge if a prospect is serious. Use LinkedIn for:

  • Sharing industry news and other relevant information and updates
  • Creating polls to see what commercial investors are searching for
  • Building a community so you can learn the obstacles facing commercial property prospective clients and propose apt solutions at just the right time


Of all the video streaming platforms, YouTube is in the top spot. Statistics show that every month YouTube sees over 126 million unique visitors in the United States. That’s a lot of prospects. Use YouTube for:

  • Finding viewers who’ve asked questions or posted comments on other videos in the commercial real estate industry
  • Creating your own channel so you can post informative videos
  • Adding your business profile
  • Linking your videos to other social media platforms

Consider ProspectNow

The above ideas are all cost-effective ways you can generate mortgage leads online. But no ideas are foolproof without the strategy to back them up and the ability to execute consistently. ProspectNow can help.
ProspectNow is a reliable data provider. It’s a vital tool for your business success, whether you’re a real estate agent or broker or you work in real estate marketing. ProspectNow’s proprietary algorithm shows you commercial properties for sale as well as properties that are likely to go on the market soon. Plus, enjoy the benefit of finding factual information, such as the real owners of an LLC, for instance. Instead of finding generic LLC information like our competitors provide, we give you the information so you can reach key decision-makers and not waste time.
Plus, the data you can get from ProspectNow is a lot more expensive on other competing platforms. You can even try us for free to see if we’re a good fit. We’ve been in the business for over a decade, helping agents and brokers just like you. Ready to find more leads, close more deals, and make more money? Try a free trial of ProspectNow to discover more commercial property leads and boost your brokerage.

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