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ProspectNow Launches New Integrated AI, Software, and Data Platform for Real Estate

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The new platform will give real estate professionals an all-in-one solution the industry has been craving.

ProspectNow, a leading platform for residential and commercial real estate data, will release an entirely new platform in August that gives users the ability to identify, contact and manage the right prospects all in one place.
“ProspectNow already differentiates itself from competitors by giving real estate professionals access to a massive database that includes the ’true owner’ contact data for real estate owners. But now we are giving our customers the ability to not just contact the true owners, but identify which property owners are the right ones and manage the outreach with our entirely new software platform. This has been a 2 year project for us and we could not be more excited.” says Steve Wayne, CEO.
The company’s latest release, which was developed over the past 24 months, will provide users with a refreshed interface. Led by lightning-fast responsiveness, the new look gives users more visual cues and helps them find exactly what they are looking for. The updated ProspectNow database will contain information for 150 million properties and 10 million companies along with millions more contact records than the previous version. Growing the size of ProspectNow’s database will also improve the accuracy of its predictive analytics, creating more chances to target sellers and refinances as early as possible.
As a part of the new version, ProspectNow will also include it’s property analyzer module which enables any user to analyze any collection of properties for key metrics such as median price over time, average cost per square foot, number of active listings compared to a year ago and much more. “What is so unique about our analysis module is that you can filter, analyze and compare virtually any collection of properties. For example, maybe you’d like to see how 5-25 unit properties compare to 25-100 unit properties over time. The possibilities are endless.” said Steve Wayne.
As ProspectNow moves into this exciting new era of AI powered marketing and analysis, it will create more opportunities for realtors, brokers, and lenders than ever before. You can get started with a free trial of ProspectNow today.

About ProspectNow

Based on the belief that better data and insights accelerate any business, ProspectNow is the only AI-powered real estate property ownership research and outreach tool that enables you to connect directly with true property owners at scale. ProspectNow is the first predictive modeling and marketing platform that provides real estate sales, brokerage, and lending professionals with powerful systems and tools for extracting value from massive amounts of data through machine learning.

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