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The First Year Agent Survival Guide: How To Promote Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

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Are you a newly licensed first year real estate agent? Here’s how you can make a name for yourself in the business.
Establishing yourself in any new career can be intimidating. For a first year real estate agent, this is no less true. But promoting yourself is as much a science as it is an art, and there is a method for making a name for yourself.

Create Your Brand

First, you’ll need to establish your online presence. This is the foundation for your personal brand. If you work for an agency, much of the branding work will be done for you. But it’s still on you to maintain that presence as a first year real estate agent.
Start with a website. You want to make sure it works on a variety of platforms, mainly desktop and mobile browsers. Make sure it looks professional and follows the guidelines for basic website accessibility. And finally, make sure it includes multiple ways to contact you.
Once your website is online, branch out to social media platforms. Which ones you use will be up to you, but for the best results you should have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. No matter which platform you join, make sure you’re using each one effectively: Instagram for photos, Twitter for short messages, and so on.
Finally, carry your branding over to your business communications. Your emails, letters, business cards, and postcards should have a uniform look to them. ProspectNow can help with this by providing multiple, customizable email templates for you to use.

Find Partners

You may already know that all real estate is local. As a first year real estate agent, you’ll find yourself making business connections with all sorts of people. This is a great opportunity to form lasting partnerships and improve your local networking.
Look to your local community to find potential partners in the following areas:

  • Contractors for maintenance and repairs
  • Inspectors
  • Insurance agents
  • Local businesses for community advertising
  • Graphic designers and writers as you develop your brand
  • Lenders
  • Photographers and videographers for help with advertising properties

These partnerships can provide mutual benefit, improving both of your professional reputations and giving opportunities for word-of-mouth advertising.

Use Content Marketing

One feature on your website that you shouldn’t overlook is a blog. This is where you can share your knowledge as a first year real estate agent and further improve your presence.
Current best practices for SEO love blog articles, so keeping this blog updated is a great way to improve your rankings on search pages. Your blog can also become material for future newsletter issues, which will boost engagement among your subscribers, and your social media posts.
If you have trouble coming up with large volumes of content, consider hiring a writer to create it for you.
But don’t limit your blog to long article posts. Use this to share news, press releases, exciting announcements, photos, and anything else that relates to your real estate business. Just don’t forget to link back to these posts on your social media pages.

Use The Latest Tech

Dark, blurry pictures of properties you want to sell just won’t cut it anymore. Thankfully, most cameras and smartphones come with flash and better resolution than before.
So before taking photos for new listings, a first year real estate agent should play around with the camera settings to find what suits a property best. You could even invest in a drone to take aerial photos of your properties and surrounding areas.
Better yet, hire a local photographer to do this for you and form a new business partnership.
New technology can also boost your real estate prospecting in an unexpected way. Using data analytics and machine learning algorithms, ProspectNow has a system to detect which properties are likely to sell within the next twelve months.
This gives you a unique opportunity to find new clients before your competition does and make those connections first.

Get Creative With Marketing

Social media ads can be boring. To make a real impact, some companies are turning to experiential marketing. This style of marketing focuses on making a strong impression on a prospective customer with a memorable experience they can associate with you.
These experiential campaigns don’t need to be directly associated with a company’s product or service, but they pique the prospect’s interest to seek out more.
As a first year real estate agent, you could consider giving downtown tours of your area. While it doesn’t directly sell houses, you can spark interest in your neighborhood and entice would-be buyers to move to your area.

Let ProspectNow Work For You

ProspectNow is a vital tool for the first year real estate agent. With a comprehensive property search database and CRM system combined, you can find new properties and reach new prospects in minutes. The data you find here comes with a higher price tag on competing platforms, and without the “likely seller” algorithm.
Check out ProspectNow’s ROI calculator and see how much more money you could make right now. Enter your location and current sales metrics. The tool will state how many likely sellers it identifies right now, predicted turnover, and commissions. You’ll also see properties in the area that ProspectNow correctly predicted would sell.
Are you ready to find new clients, close more deals, and make more money? Let ProspectNow help you. This property database combined with a powerful CRM has helped first year real estate agents and many others do just that. Sign up for your three-day free trial today!

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