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How to Perform a Maryland Property Search

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Ideally, you shouldn’t have any problems performing a Maryland property search to find out who owns residential or commercial properties. After all, it’s public information that anyone can access.
In reality, property searches can lead you down blind alleys and dead ends that waste your time and money.
ProspectNow has a much simpler way to ensure that you get accurate information from your Maryland property search. First, explore your alternatives. Then, you will understand the value of ProspectNow’s database.

Contact the Court Clerks of Maryland and Maryland State Archives

Regardless of which state’s real estate interests you, you can always follow a few general steps to get information about who owns a property.
Maryland actually makes its property searches easier than most states do. In some states, you need to contact a specific county office to get information on a property. That’s fine when you know the real estate’s precise location. The process becomes much more complicated when you only know the general area.
Maryland has a statewide database that you can use to find — theoretically, at least — information about any property in the state.
Before you can use the database, you need to create an account. Still, it’s much easier than searching for property information in most states.

Problems With Using the Maryland State Property Database 

While you might find Maryland property searches a little easier than those in other states, the state-run database still presents a few challenges that can stand between you and the information you need.

Records Don’t Get Updated as Often as They Should

Maryland’s state government — like most state governments — doesn’t always update its records as quickly as real estate agents and brokers would like. The state has much bigger issues to tackle, so property records often get put on the back burner. Even if some counties update their listings quickly, others can lag behind for months.
The problem becomes obvious pretty quickly. After searching the state database, you get the name and address of a property’s owner. When you reach out to that person to talk about selling the real estate, though, you learn that they haven’t owned the property in months.
You’ve reached a dead end because the state-run database doesn’t have an updated listing for the property.

Corporations Can List Themselves as Property Owners

One can also encounter problems when you find residential and commercial properties owned by corporations or other business entities.
You can’t exactly call “Baltimore’s Best Chicken Shack” to talk about selling or buying property.
You might think that you can just add another step to the process by looking up the owner on Maryland’s Business Express website. Unfortunately, you probably will not get the information you hope to find.
Let’s say you look up the Cordish Company, one of Baltimore’s most influential developers that manages property along the Inner Harbor. Instead of finding the name of the corporation’s owner, you find the resident agent. In this case, it’s CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service Company.
You have to contact a company to get information about the company that owns the property you’re interested in.
When it comes to commercial property ownership, you can enter a long series of companies. Even if you eventually find the company that actually owns the property, you don’t know the name of the person who can make decisions about real estate.
As efficient as Maryland makes its system, you still end up wasting a lot of time looking for information that isn’t in the database.

Use ProspectNow to Get Accurate Information That Helps You Buy and Sell Real Estate

You don’t have to waste time and energy dealing with Maryland’s state offices. ProspectNow has an up-to-date database that will help you find the contact information of true owners.
ProspectNow has three databases that will make your job easier:

  • Residential database with 100 million listings.
  • Commercial database with about 42 million property listings.
  • Owner database with the real contact information for decision-makers in over 200 million corporations.

With ProspectNow, you quickly learn who to contact to talk about real estate deals.
Other real estate databases offer similar Maryland property search services. When you compare the options, though, you see that you get more information for less money by choosing ProspectNow.

More Benefits From Using ProspectNow to Perform Maryland Property Searches

ProspectNow does much more than help you find the real contact information of property owners in Maryland. The platform uses artificial intelligence to pinpoint properties that will likely get listed for sale within the next 12 months.
The database looks at a broad range of information to find significant events frequently connected to decisions to sell a property. For example, the algorithm will look for marriages, divorces, and childbirths. Households that experience these events are much more likely to sell their homes soon.
The commercial database can help you find properties owned by people and companies struggling to pay their loans or keep their tenants. As the owner’s investment falls short, you can step in and offer to purchase the property. It’s a win-win that saves the current owner from bankruptcy and lets you purchase commercial real estate at an affordable price.

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Save time and generate more successful leads from your Maryland property searches by joining ProspectNow. You can choose between residential or commercial properties. You also gain access to the predictive analytics that make it much easier for real estate agents, brokers, and investors to focus on properties likely to sell soon.

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