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5 Best Mortgage Lead Generation Websites

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As a lender, finding leads can be a challenge. These five mortgage lead generation websites provide modern solutions to an age-old problem.
Now that interest rates are low, it’s a prime time for homeowners to refinance their mortgages. But if you have any hope of attracting new business, you need to find leads to market to.
The challenge here is that buying lists of leads (or worse, finding them for free) is no longer considered a best practice for finding new prospects. Customers are less enthused than ever about being bothered for sales pitches, especially as waves of scammers contact them at the same time! Going off of leads lists that you bought or found for free means you’ll make a cold approach to these prospects. It makes for a poor first impression.
Good lead generation takes a more targeted approach to finding prospects rather than using brute force. That means making use of new and improved technology. Read on to learn how five websites do mortgage lead generation right.

1. Chime Solution Suite

Chime’s product suite includes a strong, feature-rich CRM for those in all facets of the real estate business. But its lead generation software is available separately. This software avoids the cold approach aspect by inviting users to sign themselves up. Here’s how their system works:

  1. Social media ads target prospects, directing them to a form.
  2. Curious prospects fill out the form for more information.
  3. The prospect’s contact information and activity come to your system.
  4. Prospects get a welcome email.
  5. You get an email alert about the new lead.

In this case, Chime facilitates a warm approach rather than a cold one, as the clients have previously expressed interest in your services.
To find and target prospects, Chime uses a multichannel approach powered by artificial intelligence. Its algorithm monitors user browsing habits and makes decisions on who should best view your ads. Your ads are targeted to specific users who already expressed interest in refinancing their mortgages without you lifting a finger.

2. Top of Mind

Top of Mind is a mortgage CRM with a somewhat old-fashioned approach to direct marketing. Instead of relying on emails and phone calls, they promote a return to physical mail. According to Top of Mind, people remember physical mail more than emails, open them more often, and respond more often. It makes sense when you consider how much spam email we get, including newsletters for subscriptions we accidentally sign up for but never get around to unsubscribing from.
Top of Mind’s system will identify “just listed” properties, mortgage rates, and credit pulls for your contacts, among other factors. It continually monitors your database to keep an eye out for new marketing opportunities.

3. LeadPops

Here’s another website that takes a unique approach to mortgage lead generation. Instead of focusing on ads and drawing in as many prospects as possible, this strategy focuses on why your prospects are leaving. And as the sales pitch suggests, it often has to do with your website. LeadPops promises to help you create a sales funnel to draw in and nurture as many of these leads as you can. They use quizzes to increase engagement from your prospects and bring in leads that are completely exclusive to you.
This software helps you build quizzes tailored to your specific business needs and a “sticky bar” for your website. Both are proven to catch a prospect’s interest immediately. So if your issue isn’t attracting leads but keeping them, you could give LeadPops’ software a try.

4. LeadPress

As you attract leads to your website, you should make sure your website is up to par as well. The days of brightly colored Geocities pages with background music are long over. Web design best practices and user expectations moved on.
LeadPress‘s services promise to optimize your website for lead generation and nurturing. They will help you implement features and sales funnel tactics such as quote forms and content marketing to keep up engagement from your prospects. LeadPress will also help you address the pain points that plague other traditional websites and cause prospects to click away or miss you completely, such as mobile accessibility and SEO issues. For an added fee, you can include copywriting services or the full source code.

5. ProspectNow

ProspectNow combines an extensive nationwide property database with a feature-rich CRM. You can gather data on properties and their owners anywhere in the country. You can also identify likely sellers that haven’t yet hit the market but are expected to do so in the next 12 months. Savvy loan officers can use this feature to reach refinancing leads before their competition does!
Contact your prospects through the platform by phone, email, or postcard. Or you can set up an omnichannel direct ad campaign that reaches your “likely refinancers” and plant the seed in their minds to contact you first. If you’re the first lender to reach them, you’ll be at the top of their minds when they’re ready to refinance.
To get an idea of how effective the ProspectNow platform is in your area, the website includes an ROI calculator. Input your location and recent sales metrics. It will tell you the expected turnover and commission had you closed these deals with ProspectNow. It will also show you a list of properties the likely seller/likely refi algorithm predicted would sell, and show you how many likely sellers it spots in your area right now. These details will give you a good idea of how much more money you could make if you start using ProspectNow for your mortgage lead generation.
Are you ready to close more deals and make more money? ProspectNow has been in the business since 2008, providing trustworthy data and analytics to anyone in the real estate industry. This platform serves real estate agents, brokers, investors, tradespeople, lenders, and anyone else who relies on property data to do business. Sign up for your three-day free trial today and see what the ProspectNow platform can do for you.

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