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8 Reasons You Need a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Software

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For commercial real estate agents, some feel that marketing isn’t their strong suit. So, inevitably, they use tedious, outdated methods wasting precious time. Even if they do adopt marketing platforms or other solutions, they give up and bounce between solutions – further wasting more time and resources. All they want is to grow their business – but nothing seems to be working.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

In fact, for modern commercial real estate professionals, technology is crucial to success. That said, not just any marketing platform or solution will work – which is probably why so many agents have given up. You need a marketing solution specifically created for commercial real estate agents and brokers. And not just because it’s good for automation and scaling operations, but because today’s investors and property tenants are much more connected and tech-savvy.

Do you want to take your commercial property marketing to the next level?

The 8 “Whys” of CRE Marketing Software

Maybe you’ve tried marketing platforms, and for whatever reason, you scrapped the idea. These are eight reasons why CRE marketing software is a necessity for your success in the commercial real estate industry:

1 – Faster responses

You know all about scheduling – your clients have tight schedules, too. If they have concerns or questions, they expect them to be addressed quickly. Because most real estate CRMs are cloud-based, you can maintain contact via the internet in real time. Most programs even offer a mobile app you can get from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple).

But what if your schedule doesn’t allow for instant communication? Commercial real estate CRM software can help with that, too. Setup automated responses so your prospects and clients know you got their message, you can’t respond at the moment, and when you’ll contact them. It’s perfect whether your contacts are reaching out via email, text, or social media. This is valuable information that lets your clients and leads know you’re not ignoring them.

2 – Smart automation

There is so much that goes into selling a home or commercial property. And while the little details can seem small in the overall scope of issues, they’re just as important. Automating your CRE tools to autofill forms, file documents, and access important data when needed gives you and your clients the ability to focus on the more important concerns of buying and selling. Automation also helps you build and maintain client relationships. Track specific dates and timelines, send reminder notices, or even contact prospects or clients directly when you need to. CRE tools can manage many of your smaller tasks, letting you make better use of your time.

3 – Control your brand consistency

Commercial real estate marketing software ties all of your processes and operations together creating a tidy, consistent marketing package that’s able to scale up or down as necessary.

Consider your brand image if your marketing team produces various online marketing assets that aren’t consistent from piece to piece. This is known as brand equity dilution. CRE marketing software ties your entire brand together and keeps logos, images, color schemes, photos, and fonts consistent across assets. Marketing automation is the ultimate mastering of your domain.

4 – Data centralization

Remember the real estate agencies of old where every single piece of data was housed in – gasp – file cabinets? Cloud-based tech has brought about a brand new world of efficiency, power, and speed. You don’t have to be in-office. You don’t even have to be at home. You can relax at the spa for the day and still have continuous, real-time access to all your agency data.

Aside from data centralization, property management software can house all of your forward-facing property data, such as property listings, for prospects, clients, tenants, property managers, or team members to access from a single website.

5 – Fully integrated

This is perhaps the most spectacular of all the benefits of commercial real estate marketing software – every tedious marketing activity, whether it’s a website update, client report, or flyer creation, can all be automated and fully integrated with other tools in your kit. Each moving piece of your marketing process – cohesive and connected.

6 – Market listings faster

When listing a property, time is of the essence. If creating aerial maps or updating listing data isn’t your cup of tea, a commercial real estate software can build your listings for you with just a few clicks and a bit of data input. The faster you get your listings into the market, the faster you can make sales.

7 – All the tools you need in one platform

There are full-feature suites that can solve a lot of the problems you’ve probably already encountered if you’ve attempted using multiple tools that don’t integrate well. Another plus? Training your team to run one program is much simpler than throwing multiple tools at once on the table.

8 – Metrics, measurement, and analysis

Perhaps the greatest value of CRE marketing software is the wealth of data it provides. You can then analyze the data and tweak your flows and make better decisions going forward. This is the kind of data that can help you see into such key metrics as most popular property types or average demographics of current and potential clients. It can even show you where you get the majority of your leads and clients from, who does and doesn’t open your email marketing outreach, and which search engine a lead used to find you.

Wrap Up

The best commercial real estate marketing software makes your life easier, saves valuable time and resources, and improves outreach and sales results. Going forward, you’ll create and launch campaigns more quickly. By linking all your resources in one central hub, you enhance every marketing effort of your agency.

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