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Apto vs. Offrs Review

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Few things matter more to success in real estate than finding and converting leads. Apto and Offrs are two popular options that some real estate professionals find useful when generating and nurturing leads.

Apto and Offrs have diverse features, so one will likely stand out as a more suitable option for you than the other. If you want a traditional CRM, Apto is probably the better option. If you want data-driven lead generation, you will probably prefer Offrs.

You don’t have to choose a limited tool for your real estate business, though. Keep reading to learn how ProspectNow combines the best of these two platforms to help you succeed.

Apto Features

Apto is a popular CRM designed just for real estate professionals. Some of the features you can access through Apto will help you:

  • Manage leads and existing clients
  • Track deals from beginning to end
  • Find prospects in your area
  • Generate reports that show how your team performs
  • Access property data

Apto prices start at $129 per month, but you will need to pay more to give your team members access to the platform’s database.

What Users Say About Apto

What real Apto users say about the tool could help you decide whether it fits your needs. Here are some quotes from users who posted on the G2 website:

  • “It would be great if Apto had access to virtual assistants to help input data into one’s CRM. Lately, it seems like communication has been minimal with regards to new product features/improvements.”
  • “My favorite part of Apto is the ability to set reminders easily and that it is able to easily track calls and notes on calls.”
  • “The CRM takes extra steps to add contacts. When adding contacts you have to add the company in first and then the contact and address.”

Apto’s Benefits

Some benefits of choosing Apto include:

  • Access to useful CRM tools
  • Options to integrate data into your CRM
  • Low price for small brokers

Apto’s Disadvantages

Some of Apto’s disadvantages include:

  • Poor customer service
  • Challenging user interface

Offrs Features

Offrs is primarily a lead-generation tool that uses big data and predictive analytics to help real estate agents and brokers find off-market properties. Some professionals choose Offrs for its:

  • Predictive seller leads
  • Email, direct mail, and social media marketing
  • Real estate data
  • Mobile apps

Offrs does not advertise prices on its website, making it difficult for professionals to compare tools that fit their budgets.

What Users Say About Offrs

Offrs users posting on Google say:

  • “They use a first-response style system so each email I send seems to be answered by a different person. They all fail to understand the issue (two months of billing after account closed) while reinforcing that they solved the problem (fixed one month). This was explained to the first rep I spoke with (Ryan) that committed to forwarding my issue to billing. It never made its way back. On several follow up emails and calls, the team failed to read the documentation and/or actually reach out to understand the problem when a new rep was assigned.”
  • “I really like the new updates. Smart Apps is so much easier to use. I also like the improved functionality… It’s like using my apps on my phone. Great job!”
  • “Had a bad experience overall. The data is incomplete and insufficient. The company does not allow you to cancel until you go thru a complicated process of a phone call, email submission, and verification that you’re cancelling. Basically, they prevent you from cancelling, even if you’re not using the service. We’ve tried many, many data service providers.”

Offrs’ Benefits

Some of Offrs’ benefits include:

  • Decent artificial intelligence algorithms that detect emerging trends in your area
  • Multiple tools, including mobile apps, to keep users connected to leads
  • Marketing features for direct mail, email, and social media

Offrs’ Disadvantages

Potential disadvantages of choosing Offers include:

  • Lackluster customer service, which can make problem-solving difficult
  • Closing unwanted accounts can require a lengthy process
  • Doesn’t advertise its fees, which could lead to conversations with high-pressure sales professionals

ProspectNow Offers an Alternative to Apto and Offrs

ProspectNow stands out as the best lead-generation tool for real estate professionals. The platform has databases for residential and commercial real estate. Most importantly, ProspectNow comes with several features that will help you improve your ROI without forcing you to spend more time reaching out to potential clients.

Real estate brokers, agents, marketers, and other professionals often choose ProspectNow because they can rely on the platform’s:

  • Accurate property data that makes it easier to find real estate that fits their interests.
  • Filters that help narrow investment options to those with specific features.
  • Accurate contact information, even for properties owned by corporations.
  • Predictive analytics that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to mine data and determine which properties will likely get listed on the market within the next several months.
  • An intuitive user interface that makes it easier for anyone to produce lead lists.
  • Marketing solutions that improve lead generation and conversions.

With ProspectNow, you get a straightforward tool that helps you find property data, owner contact info, and other critical information for improving your ROI.

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ProspectNow has been around for over a decade (since 2008). The data that users get from ProspectNow is a lot more expensive on competing platforms. By using ProspectNow, you will close more deals, and, therefore, make more money! ProspectNow is a vital tool for business success in real estate or real estate marketing. Additionally, ProspectNow is trustworthy and easy to do business with, and a provider of reliable data.

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