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How To Find Out Who Owns a Property in Georgia

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Many books have been written and songs sung about one of the most talked-about states in the union. Georgia is the home of Atlanta, a business and cultural hub that attracts residents from around the world. In fact, the 2020 Census revealed that the population in Georgia was up 7.4% from the previous decade. An increasingly popular destination, Georgia is a diverse state with a lovely climate that makes it appealing to old and young alike. It has mountains, coastal areas, lakes, and rivers, so you can choose the geography that suits you best. Georgia truly offers something for everyone.

Georgia is a fantastic place to settle, especially now. If you have an interest in buying Georgia property, either residential or commercial, you have multiple ways to find information that is essential to your efforts. Wondering how to find out who owns property in Georgia? Read on to learn about your options.

County Offices

Georgia county government makes finding property ownership records pretty simple because these documents are public records. First, you will need the property address, including the county where it is located. Next, you need to contact the Superior Court Clerk — the official who manages property records in a Georgia county. You can then visit the courthouse and request a copy of the deed for the property that interests you. In most cases, the court official will charge you a fee for this service. 

In Fulton County, home of Atlanta and the most populous county in the state, you can visit the Deed Room and search for the pertinent deed using its computer lab. Another option is to go online and use the Georgia Superior Court Clerk’s Cooperative Authority to search for information. You will be charged $5 for four hours of access. 

Yet another option is to visit the website of the appropriate county tax assessor, where you can get this information for no charge. For instance, you can access the Bibb County tax assessor’s webpage and hit the search link on the left side of the page to search for property information that includes the owner’s name. Georgia tries to simplify getting this information.

Georgia State Tax Maps 

Using state resources can also help you find out who owns property in Georgia. The Georgia Department of Revenue site lists each county separately and provides a link where you can enter the property address and learn the owner’s name. The DOR site is also an excellent source for individual tax information and business tax facts — information you will need if you do purchase property in the state. It’s a good resource for staying informed on these important matters.

Local Real Estate Brokers

Real estate agents and brokers depend on their knowledge of local real estate to acquire listings and make sales. As such, they are a wonderful resource when it comes to finding out who owns a certain property in Georgia. Contacting a reputable broker will also get you more information on the specific area, including schools, businesses, and the tax base. And their information is solid, in part because they use quality databases to get their information. The good news is that you can use a database on your own to directly get the information you need without having to find a real estate broker.

Property Database/ProspectNow 

When you want to know how to find out who owns property in Georgia, turn to a quality database such as ProspectNow. This extensive online source is one of the best ways to access the names of property owners. ProspectNow carries listings on over 100 million residential properties and 42 million commercial properties. The site is designed to help anyone — real estate professionals and private citizens — who needs in-depth information on real estate in Georgia or elsewhere in the United States. 

Need more than just the property owner’s name? ProspectNow can help. You can find other essential information on Georgia properties, including the property’s listing status, taxable value, location, tax liens, and more. Using this database means you don’t have to visit a Georgia county courthouse to get the information you need. And searching on PropspectNow’s website is fast and very user-friendly, often more so than local search applications are. 

Interested in commercial properties? The database also delivers the information you need. You can even find the owner’s contact information, which streamlines your buying journey.

Georgia just keeps on growing, so land is at a premium. Now that you know how to find out who owns a property in Georgia, don’t hesitate and lose your opportunity to get the property you want. Use ProspectNow as your main tool for finding key property information on Georgia real estate, including predictive analytics, a function that gives you insights into which properties may sell or refinance in the near future. 

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When you are searching for Georgia real estate, you need ownership information as soon as possible. You can get that information quickly and easily by signing up with ProspectNow. You may search on state and county sites or find a local real estate broker, but you will save time and energy by using our database. After all, many realtors get their information from us too. 

ProspectNow has been a trusted source for real estate brokers and private citizens for well over a decade now, so you can be confident in our results. Over the years, we have fine-tuned the search process. Don’t spend time using other search methods. Contact us today for more information and a free trial!

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