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A Crash Course on Finding Off-Market Properties

Whether you’re looking to find a good deal on some property or seeking your next real estate investment, you might be interested in pursuing off-market properties. These present ample opportunities to the right buyer. Learn tips for finding off-market properties and reasons why you might want to. What Is an Off-Market Property? Most home sellers […]

11 Real Estate Prospecting Tips That Will Help Get You New Clients

The most vital skill a real estate person will ever master is to prospect. An agent or broker’s success lies in the ability to locate prospective clients and close deals. Prospecting is an art, an art honed through time. Technologies change, people change, but the ingredients to successful prospecting remain the same. Have a quick look […]

How to Find 1031 Exchange Buyers

  Commercial real estate investors, property owners, and brokers can benefit from participation in a 1031 exchange. What Is a 1031 Exchange? A 1031 exchange, so named for the IRS code that allows it, is a tax strategy used for sales of investment property. Typically, when a property is sold, the seller must pay taxes related […]