Best Commercial Real Estate Investment Strategies for 2022

Successful commercial real estate investing strategies can change quickly. No matter how much experience you have in the industry, you need to find an approach that meets recent developments. Are you prepared for the state of commercial real estate investing in 2022? Keep reading to learn how you can build a successful portfolio. Popular Approaches […]

How To Make Passive Income With Real Estate Investments

Passive income is money you earn without actively participating in operations. Many people make passive income with real estate investments because they can research opportunities, invest their money, and let someone else manage their properties. Alternatively, investors can buy real estate, wait for the value to increase, and sell at a profit. As long as […]

Paying Back Taxes Can Get You a Home

Property taxes may seem like an unpleasant fact of life for homeowners, but they are used for items like public education, streets, hospitals, courts, voting, and so on. They are a necessary part of American life. However, depending on the value of a property, taxes can be quite expensive and, for some, difficult to pay. In […]

How Does Predictive Analysis Work?

In the past, real estate professionals predicted market trends using historical data and their own experience in the industry. Some turned to their “gut feelings” to make key decisions. Often, they made accurate predictions about the real estate market and helped guide their clients accordingly. But even the best real estate professional could not predict […]

No Financing Required: Working with Cash Buyers for Real Estate

A cash buyer in real estate means less paperwork and faster closings. Agents consider these purchases highly desirable because they don’t require working with financing and the associated red tape. Acquiring a mortgage isn’t a simple process, and it’s certainly not a sure thing even after the sellers accept a bid. Cash buyers aren’t elusive […]

How To Use the Radius Search and Find the Perfect Properties

Knowing how to use the radius search feature in ProspectNow lets you focus your outreach efforts on property owners in a specific area. Perhaps you recently converted a lead, so you want to connect with more owners within a mile of that property. Perhaps you plan to send postcards to all property owners in a […]

What Is Digital Real Estate?

If you’re an experienced investor in residential or commercial real estate—or even both—you may be looking for new, unique investments to support. If that’s the case, digital real estate may interest you. After all, as interest rates on loans for physical properties start to rise again, it may be nice to branch out to the […]

Save Time by Searching for Multiple Properties at Once

Real estate professionals often find it convenient to store contact information in Excel spreadsheets. That way, you can organize and manage all of the data you need to close deals. ProspectNow lets you use those spreadsheets to search for multiple addresses simultaneously. You can learn more about searching for multiple addresses at the same time […]

What is a Short Sale in Real Estate?

black and white image of small White House that is run down

Brokers and investors, and even newbie real estate agents, discover foreclosures all the time—but as a new agent, it’ll serve you well in the future to consider short sales. But what is a short sale in real estate? This type of transaction isn’t as easy to find as a foreclosure, but the reward is often […]

How To Build a List of Properties With ProspectNow

Real estate brokers, agents, and other professionals often build property lists to help them manage their outreach campaigns. Knowing how to build a list of properties gives you an efficient way to discover leads, send postcards to owners, and keep track of which owners you’ve contacted. ProspectNow makes it easy to build a list of properties. […]