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4 CRE Technologies That Simplify the Sales Cycle

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Commercial real estate technology is making the sales cycle simpler now more than ever before. Brokers and agents can now sell and list properties more efficiently because of these new and innovative technologies in the commercial real estate industry. Whether you’re looking to simplify the time it takes to qualify a prospect or want to improve your organization, follow-up and closing ratio, check out these four technologies that are simplifying the sales cycles for brokers and agents.
ProspectNow is an online commercial real estate marketing platform utilizing predictive analytics to identify likely sellers, resulting in more listings, buyers and borrowers.  The platform database consists of over 120 million property owners and decision makers,  as well as their contact information including mailing addresses and phone numbers. Leasing specialists have access over 30 million commercial businesses to search for potential tenants. Banks, insurance companies, investors, roofers, and solar companies can all benefit as well.
ProspectNow is a complete marketing platform, including click-to-call capabilities, mailing tools and a CRM.
3D Technology
The sales process has never been simpler with 3D technology. If you are working with foreign investors looking at multifamily properties, the sales process can jumpstart with 3D technology that allows them to tour the property before visiting the property. This saves both you and the investor time and money during the sales process.
Matterport 3D virtual tours, one of the leading players in 3D tech, produce high quality video fly through of your listing to enhance the viewing of the property with drones that capture the context of the listings’ area to show the world around your listed property.
The Cloud
Leveraging the cloud means leveraging efficiency for brokers. Information about the client, property and sale, along with comps, presentations and photographs, etc. can all be accessed with the click of a button on any mobile device. Brokers and agents are no longer restricted to their desks to work – they can be at home, on the go or travelling and still be able to access all of their information. The cloud has shaped commercial real estate because of its easy access and the efficiency it offers brokers who work in multiple areas.
Customer Relationship Management Systems
CRM platforms specifically designed for the real estate industry come fully loaded with core features to help your and your business become more successful. You’ll have features such as reporting, email marketing, commission tracking, action plans, transaction management, document and media storage and more.
CRMs offer pipeline management, deal tracking, tenant/landlord matching, comparable reporting and an investor database to make the sales process easier and more efficient for brokers and agents. Many CRMs can be accessed from anywhere, making the sales process easier and more efficient.
Get Going in the Right Direction
Technology has etched out the new landscape for commercial real estate and has changed the way brokers and agents work through the sales process for the better. Whether brokers are dealing with foreign investors, are constantly travelling or simply have too many clients to keep up with on their own, technology has made the sales process easier and more efficient.
With systems like these brokers can sell more properties, keep up with clients and become more efficient in order to grow their business and become even more successful in the commercial real estate industry.

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