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Work With the Company, Not Just the Contact

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Don’t make the mistake of only working with the lead, make sure to work with the company as well. There are plenty of ways you can contact the company and establish relationships with both the lead and the company. Make sure that you have the decision maker’s decision, but also the attention of the company as a whole as well. Both are vital to being successful in real estate.
Here are a few ways to work with the company and the lead.
Interact on Social Media
Find the company on social media and interact with them. Tweet to them, post to their Facebook page and take the time to learn about their goals and connect with them via social media. Social media has become a large part of marketing and advertising and is a vital source of communication, so it’s important to connect with both the lead and the company on social media.
Make an effort to make your name known to them through social media interaction. In a world that is driven by technology, it’s a wise business decision to make sure you are the center of the action by employing social media in your business strategy.
Utilize LinkedIn
You can learn a lot about a company and the company’s owner through LinkedIn. View the owner’s LinkedIn profile – find out where they went to college, find out where they’ve worked previously and get a feel for the type of person they are so that you can more easily connect with them. Do the same with the decision maker. View the company’s profile as well to learn the ins and outs of the business and what their short term and long term goals are to gain a better understanding of how you can help them reach those goals.
Take the time to study up on these profiles and in turn these people will notice that you have taken the initiative to check out their profiles and they will more than likely view your profile as well. This interaction keeps your name in the mind of the owner and can empower them to reach out to you.
Nothing can be more beneficial to your business than networking. Spend time reaching out to people within the company and find ways to network with them to establish a solid relationship foundation. Attend events that the company is attending and make yourself noticeable to the company and the lead. A good way to begin networking is to utilize social media and follow the company’s updates and happenings. You surely want to keep a solid line of communication with the lead, but you also want to establish good rapport by communicating and networking with other members of the company.
You want to maintain the attention of the decision maker while also working with the company as a whole through social media interaction, LinkedIn connections and networking. You will be able to grow your business and become more successful if you establish relationships with decision makers and companies themselves.

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