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6 Tips for Improving Email-Opens and Click Through Rates

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If you have been running an email marketing campaign, you are probably wondering how you can improve your open and click through rates. These six tips will help you increase your open and click-through rates so that your email marketing campaigns become even more successful.

Target a Specific Audience

The best way to get email-opens and good click-through rates is to first make sure you are targeting the right audience.  This blog will go through the mechanics of getting your target audience to open, read and then take action in a moment.  Select your target audience thoughtfully and carefully, ensuring that they have a same or similar problem and/or opportunity that you can solve for.  This allows you to craft a concise and specific value statement.  Once you have that profile, a tool like ProspectNow’s Advanced Predictive Analytics can get you that information quickly.

A/B Test Subject Lines and Email Content

Click through rates refer to the amount of clicks you receive from the body of your email. But in order to improve your click through rate, you have to get people to actually open the email. A/B testing can help you determine whether a shorter subject line or a longer subject line is more effective and what content receives more opens. This is the best way to improve your open rate. Be sure to also A/B test on the content of the email with both longer and shorter email copy.

Reduce Clutter

The shorter your email – the better. Keep your copy short and to the point to reduce clutter in your email. Shorter emails will increase the likelihood that recipients will actually read through the entire email all the way down to your offer before becoming bored and hitting the delete button. Put the most important information first to ensure that the reader sees it. It’s important to get rid of distractions within your email. Leave out the header that includes your website navigation and leave out multiple call to actions with the hopes that readers at least click something in the email. You only need one call to action – the rest is clutter. Think back to the goal of them email and center your copy around it without including excess information that may distract readers.


The best way to grab people’s attention is to personalize the email you send. Include their name in the subject line and in the body of the email. The more you know about the lead, the easier it will be to get their attention. Target your prospects and include information that is personalized to their wants and needs. The last thing anyone wants to read is a generic and mundane email.

Sense of Urgency

Readers will want to react quickly if you include a sense of urgency in your email. This will encourage more click-throughs and will create a sense of competition among recipients.


Make sure that your emails are mobile-optimized. In a technology-driven world, most people check their email on their phones. If your email isn’t mobile-friendly, it will likely be deleted. Increase your click-through rate and open rates easily by ensuring that your email is compatible with mobile devices.

Add a P.S.

Including a P.S. at the bottom of your email is a great strategy for reiterate your point and to attract the attention of those who are simply skimming your email. Our eyes are naturally drawn to this visual call out and it’s a great opportunity to A/B test whether you receive greater or fewer click-throughs with this inclusion.
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