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4 Tips for Marketing Your CRE Property to Investors

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With technology developing at a furious rate, our options for marketing in CRE are expanding daily.  Investors are becoming more and more sophisticated, with access to tools of their own for verifying information and comparing properties.
Reaching this niche of buyers requires a marketing strategy that provides a clear picture of a property’s potential returns, the reliability of the developer, and the expertise of the broker. Here are a few best practices that will deliver your message to potential investors effectively.
#1: Target your efforts
Effective marketing starts with knowing your audience. To ensure that your message gets to someone who cares, you need information on the investors themselves. It’s good practice to create a prospect list that includes information on recent transactions and currently owned properties. Prospect Now also includes details on mortgage terms and other information on commercial properties, so you can match investors with the deals that will most appeal to them.
This approach helps you to utilize the powerful reach of big data to provide more insight in your marketing package, delivering the sort of detailed and comprehensive information that investors expect and respond to.
#2: Utilize the tools your competition isn’t
Creating a compelling marketing campaign is key, and making use of the many digital tools available to make that happen is smart. Many CRM platforms include a marketing component that allows you to quickly create high-impact, detailed marketing materials using an extensive range of data.
It’s hard to overstate the effectiveness of visuals in marketing. A striking online presentation catches the attention of busy investors and packs a punch. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 3D virtual tour might be worth a million.
Consider using drones to capture compelling aerial views that show the scope of a property, as well as the surrounding area, better than any written description could do.  Services like SparkAerial produce amazing footage for their clients.  3D technology is also an effective tool. Models can be created for existing properties as well as proposed development and renovations.
#3: Connect with influencers
A powerful marketing approach involves understanding the influencers of your target audience. Consider what sources and experts investors go to for information. What social media connections can you make to put yourself on the radar?  Providing useful information to their influencers can in turn make the investors themselves look to you as an expert. Similarly, producing an informative blog that links to influencers can be an effective strategy. Take advantage of social media to make connections, from Twitter to LinkedIn.
#4: Accommodate in your process
Commercial investment from international sources is a big part of the overall picture. Foreign investment in U.S. properties is booming, and one thing that helps that process along is platforms for managing transactions online.
When marketing to investors, be sure to highlight the services that you can provide with regard to access to pertinent documents, records, and contacts. If you show your process to be conducive to international deals, you will have removed one concern for many investors.

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