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What Is Hyper-Targeted Marketing and Why Should I Care?

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In our digitally-driven world, sellers have multitudes of realty options at their fingertips. With NARS reporting that 72% of those sellers make contact with only one agent before choosing, time and relevancy are of the essence when communicating with and landing preferred clients.
But how do you find and present your message to your ideal prospective sellers before the competition? This is where hyper-targeted marketing becomes essential to your success, and you can begin by asking yourself a few simple questions.

Who is your target market?

In order to target specific sellers, you must first recognize your primary focus or speciality. You can begin with professional self-evaluation and local market research in order to pinpoint your own niche. For example, you may have a high success rate selling retail properties within the downtown district, or a growing client base dealing in industrial properties on the south side of town. Furthermore, market research can expose underutilized or oversaturated markets that can help determine the most profitable market as well.
Nailing down a specific brand and location of expertise allows agents to focus specific marketing efforts on the types of clients they are best equipped to serve and that are most likely to utilize their services.
When considering your market of preference, hyper-targeting asks that you then delve even further into the precise demographics of your audience. This type of focused approach is required in order to highlight your expertise through customized advertising.
This specificity ensures your marketing campaign is as efficient and successful as possible.

What message should you present?

Once you’ve identified your target market, you must develop a relevant marketing message. This will vary based on your specialization, focusing on the needs of both buyers and sellers within your market.
Customized marketing is equally as important in real estate as it is in any consumer based industry. Mass messaging rarely works anymore.
This means that everything from content to presentation should play to the identity of the sellers you hope to attract.

How should you deliver it?

Not only must you design a well-tailored message, but its delivery is key.
As the ability to target and promote within specific markets tightens, your ability to control exactly how and when your ideal client is introduced to your message increases. And, obviously, being the first to present your customized message is essential to your success.
Since sellers rarely look beyond the first real estate agent they encounter, ensuring your message is received begins by evaluating the best possible medium by which to deliver it. Are the possible clientele in your market more likely to respond to a TV ad or mass emailing campaign? These are the things hyper-targeting requires you to understand.
Beyond typical hyper-target marketing techniques, imagine having access to analytics which help determine who is most likely to sell or refinance within the next 12 months.
ProspectNow’s online database of potential sellers opens up new doors in the world of hyper-targeted marketing, allowing agents access to over 10 million commercial properties nationwide, as well as an in-depth tenant database.
Along with these insights, ProspectNow offers full service contact management, allowing you to generate and manage leads with ease.

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