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Automate Your Lead Generation = Scaling Your Business

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Who doesn’t want to have leads filling their pipeline while they sleep? When you automate your lead generation, not only can it help you scale your real estate business, it can quite literally help you drive leads into your pipeline with minimal time consumed.
From having an email signup on your website to making sure you’re keeping your data clean, here are a few ways that you can automate your lead generation efforts for maximum returns.

#1. Have an Email Signup

In today’s Internet-driven world, not having an email signup on your website is a non-option. Doing so will allow you to capture those interested in your services and lets you to deliver timely, information-rich emails direct to their inbox.
Once you capture leads via your email signup, be sure to have an automatic lead nurture program take over. This ensures that you’re nurturing prospects —even when you’re busy. Many of today’s best real estate CRMs offer automated email and lead nurturing capabilities, so make sure yours does … and use it.

#2. Do a Survey

Another way to fill your CRM with information-rich data is to reach out to prospects with a survey. Automate this survey to go out quarterly and watch the information come in. If you’re in the commercial real estate space, for example, perhaps you send a survey to your prospects asking if their still in the market for “XYZ” … the responses will help you better segment your CRM, and you’ll have created a new touch point that may inspire activity from previously stale leads.

#3. Qualify Leads That Attend Your Events

If you hold any open houses or property tours —and what real estate agent doesn’t— create a series of automated emails that deploy after the event. This is a great way to keep in contact with your new leads and to provide them with valuable information pertaining to the event or property.
Because you’ll automate these emails to continue over a period of time, you’ll not only look like your follow-up game is on point —you’ll also be starting conversations.

#4. Keep Your Data Clean

As you dive into automation, be sure that you’re keeping your data clean. This will help ensure that you’re reaching your intended audience with automated emails and/or campaigns that actually mean something to the lead. Having a CRM filled with email addresses with no segmentation means your automation efforts may be in vain.
At ProspectNow, we have 100 million properties filtered by predictive analytics to help you find property owners most likely to list or refinance their property. You get detailed property information including phone numbers, building information and more —the perfect way to kickstart or fuel an automation effort. Ask us how we can help!

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