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Building Owners List: Finding Commercial Property Owners in Your Market

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Commercial real estate professionals have basically two goals – find more clients and close more sales. In commercial property, though, finding the current owners of commercial property can be challenging. Commercial property changes hands quite often, so the ability to find this information is crucial. Using an online service like ProspectNow can keep you up to date. Here’s how to build an owners list.

Who Owns the Commercial Property?

If you sell or lease commercial property, you build your business on solid relationships with commercial property owners. You can find the title for commercial properties at a local county clerk’s office. Depending on where you specialize, this type of record might be all you need to build an owners list.
But if you want to ensure you have “true ownership” info, public sources might not be enough. Public records don’t always provide owner information such as actual full name, current phone number, or email addresses. And in some cases, a property owner may title their commercial properties in a business name. The ability to uncover the owner behind the veil of corporate is tremendously valuable. Fortunately, more and more online services offer the chance to find it.

Best Places to Find Commercial Property Ownership Information

As mentioned above, there are different ways you can uncover owner information. Some of the most comprehensive information to help locate commercial property owners can be found in county records searches or on ProspectNow. As you’ll see, your long-term success relies on your ability to put together your own database of owner info – after all, you’ve worked hard to compile it.

County Clerk or Tax Assessor Records

This is an easy way – and usually free of charge – to locate commercial property owners. A tax assessor’s website normally has a feature allowing you to search through their records by parcel numbers or addresses. If you already know the property owner’s name, you might even be able to locate all the properties associated with that owner. Keep in mind, however, that their database only shows the properties for that specific area, such as the county or region they cover. True ownership data isn’t available on these types of sites, but they’re a good start.


ProspectNow has been providing this information since 2008. The service was founded  by a commercial real estate broker because “true ownership” information isn’t always everything you need to know – and it isn’t easy to find.
ProspectNow’s focus is property data – all of it. The service even has predictive analytics built in to help agents, brokers, mortgage professionals, lending institutions, and even the average person discover properties that might go up for sale. And ProspectNow doesn’t just have commercial property information – they offer information for residential markets, as well.
If you want to build the best owner list possible, check out ProspectNow for free today.

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