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How to Find Out Who Owns a Property in Texas

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Investing in commercial real estate could help you add a significant amount of money to your revenue. Before you can invest, you need to know who owns a property in Texas. Without knowing the owner’s name, you can’t access the person’s contact information and start arranging a deal.
Unfortunately, finding out who owns a property isn’t always as easy as it sounds. The following steps should help you get the information you need to learn more about the property and potentially make an offer.

Contact the Local Property Appraisal and Tax Office

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts operates county property appraisal and tax offices. Assuming that you know the property’s location, you can get some general information by contacting the local office.
Keep in mind that you might run into a common issue, though. Many companies that own commercial real estate use their corporate name. The appraisal office might not have the name of the person who owns the corporation that owns the property. Knowing the corporate owner brings you a step closer to learning more about the estate, but you still don’t have everything you need to talk to the people making decisions for the company.

Use the Secretary of State Website to Learn Who Owns Property in Texas

The Texas Secretary of State should have files that show you who owns a corporation. You can search the website for the corporation’s name. From there, you can usually find information about stakeholders in the company. One of those people should have the authority to talk to you about purchasing the company’s commercial real estate.
The bad news is that the Secretary of State’s website doesn’t get updated as often as it should. If someone else recently purchased the real estate, you may not have access to the latest information. Talking to the previous owner might help you track down the current owner. Still, it’s a hassle that you should avoid if possible.

Get Quick, Accurate Information From a Subscription Database

Most commercial real estate databases can give you current information about property owners. The amount of information and the price you pay, however, can differ considerably.
Make sure you choose a database that offers Texas property ownership information. Otherwise, you could get stuck with the same useless corporate information that the comptroller’s office will give you for free.

Join ProspectNow to Find Contact Information for Texas Property Owners

Get all of the information you need by using ProspectNow’s property, business, and LLC databases. The commercial property real estate database has information on over 40 million apartment and commercial properties. You can even search and filter the listings by property characteristics, sizes, names, and emails.
ProspectNow becomes particularly useful when you don’t know who owns a business or LLC. The business database has information about 30 million businesses and companies. You can learn detailed features about the companies, such as how many employees they have and the phone numbers of decision-makers.
The LLC database gives you access to the information of 15 million additional LLCs and corporations so you can uncover hidden details about a business structure’s ownership.
Perhaps best of all, ProspectNow uses predictive analytics to help you focus on owners who are likely to sell their Texas real estate. Predictive analytics gathers details about preforeclosure announcements and other signs that a property owner may want to sell within the next 12 months. Making an offer now helps you stand out as a way for the owner to avoid future losses.
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