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Do You Want to Land Commercial Roofing Jobs Faster? Here’s How to Stand Out and Win

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Getting ahead in commercial roofing means upping your real estate prospecting game. ProspectNow has the tools to help you beat the competition.
The commercial roofing business is on the rise. Whether you’re just getting started in the commercial roofing business or looking for a way to update your business model, finding new jobs can be a challenge. You’ve got a lot of competition out there, and it can be challenging to develop a new business relationship.
You may already know how to leverage social media to make your business more visible, but you can also take a more proactive approach to find new jobs. Read on to learn how ProspectNow’s platform can help you stand out among your competition and land you more commercial roofing jobs with improved real estate prospecting tactics.

Finding Leads

Real estate prospecting is more streamlined than it has been in the past. ProspectNow has a comprehensive property search database with residential and commercial properties in all counties. While you could get the same information from other third-party databases, you would get it for a higher price and without the added functionality that ProspectNow offers you. With ProspectNow, all this information is available in one place, not as a directory service to thousands of other agencies.

Likely Sellers

Alongside its expansive database of listed properties, ProspectNow uses data analytics and machine learning technology to identify those “likely sellers.” These are properties predicted to sell soon but are not yet on the market. This feature is your best bet to landing some new commercial roofing jobs fast. Reaching out to these real estate prospecting leads before your competition improves your chances of establishing a business relationship. It also allows you to handle any necessary maintenance and repairs the client may need before listing the property.

Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures

If a property is in foreclosure, the lender may have an interest in fixing up the property and re-listing it quickly. This is where you come in. ProspectNow can help you find these properties in a pre-foreclosure or foreclosed state. And much like those properties identified as likely sellers, you have the chance to reach out to decision-makers first. Why wait for the lenders to come to you?

Naming Leads

ProspectNow’s property database comes with several solutions for naming key decision-makers for you to contact.


Usually, there is a human name listed as the owner of a property. But sometimes, the owner appears in the listing as an LLC. You could try to reach out indirectly with a “to whom it may concern” letter or phone call. But that’s often a great way to have your letter lost in the mailroom or you stuck on hold indefinitely. There are many ways to find out who specifically owns the LLC you want to work with, but ProspectNow gives you instant access to a name to contact.

Tenant Search

In most commercial leasing arrangements, the landlord would be the one responsible for maintaining the building. But there are always exceptions to this rule. In those cases where your key decision-maker for a property is the tenant, ProspectNow has you covered. A tenant search feature exists on the platform, allowing you to find the names of tenants in any type of commercial building, from fast-food restaurants to banks to hotels.

Contacting Leads

Now that you have a list of leads for new commercial roofing jobs, what’s next? It’s time for you to contact them. First, you want to have some type of website or social media presence, as outlined in the link above. This will help your prospects learn more about you once you spark their curiosity.
On the ProspectNow platform, you have four ways of reaching out to your leads. You can use any of these ways instantly and entirely through the platform, saving you from expending time and effort.

Phone Call

Call your leads directly from the platform. ProspectNow will provide any phone number available for your intended property’s decision-maker, whether this is a tenant, LLC owner, or sole proprietor. Most people hate to feel like they’re the targets of advertising, so remember to approach the intended decision-maker as a person rather than a prospect.


Email one lead or all of them with the click of a button. Not sure what to say? ProspectNow provides a whole stack of fully customizable templates. You can start an entire advertising campaign with a few minutes to spare and a few button clicks.

Direct Mail Postcards and Flyers

This is an “old-school” method for real estate prospecting, but it still works. Some clients still prefer the personal touch of physical mail. Using ProspectNow’s service, you can create professional-quality postcards and flyers to send out to clients. Like the email campaigns, ProspectNow provides handy templates for you. And also like your email campaigns, you can send out these mailers from the comfort of your office chair (or anywhere else you do business) without making the extra trip to the post office.

Targeted Online Advertising Campaign

The last method of real estate prospecting works by inviting prospects to come to you. ProspectNow allows you to start your own targeted ad campaign. Like e-commerce sites that follow previous and prospective buyers everywhere with social media ads, your leads will start seeing your name everywhere they browse. The included templates and likely seller algorithm make it easy to start your own omnichannel campaign.

ProspectNow Makes It All Possible

The two best ways to land new commercial roofing jobs are through direct advertisement and referrals. ProspectNow helps your advertising efforts by identifying promising leads and giving you the tools to reach out to them. Real estate prospecting through the platform is the first step to finding satisfied customers who will refer you to others.
Imagine one real estate prospecting platform that combines quality, reliable lead generation with a full-featured customer relationship management system. ProspectNow makes that vision a reality for you. Operating since 2008, they’ve developed an innovative platform that only improves with machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics. It’s a vital tool in your real estate business success, with a company that’s easy to do business with and consistently provides reliable and actionable data.
No matter what role you play in real estate prospecting  be that commercial or residential, broker or agent, insurance agents or roofers ProspectNow’s platform helps you close more deals and make more money than before. 
ProspectNow offers a 3-day free trial that’s completely risk-free. Get access to the likely seller/likely refi algorithm, nationwide company/tenant data, and credits for phone and email data right now. Get ready to improve your real estate prospecting, jump ahead of your competition, and land even more commercial roofing jobs.

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