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How to find out who owns a property in Florida

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Florida has a pro-business environment that helps investors generate profits. Corporations in Florida benefit from low taxes, access to funding, and a large pool of experienced workers. Before you can invest in Florida real estate, though, you need to know how to find out who owns a property in Florida.

Contact the County Clerks Office

As long as you know a property’s location, you can contact the county clerk’s office to learn more about the owner. Florida has 67 counties. It’s fairly easy to narrow down a property’s county even when you have limited information about the location and tenants.
You can find the website, address, or phone number of every Florida county here.
Each county operates independently, so the websites and services can vary quite a bit from place to place. Some countries will let you search records online. Not all of the databases, however, will let you find the true owner of real estate.
In some cases, you might find that a corporation or other business structure owns a property. People often use corporate structures to limit their personal liability. Unfortunately, this adds can add steps to finding the owner’s contact information.

Request Information From the Florida Secretary of State

If you cannot get the owner’s name or contact information from the county clerk’s office, you might have better luck with the Florida Secretary of State. The Secretary of State’s office keeps records about corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships. You can search the database by company name or address.
You might think that it makes more sense to go directly to the Florida Secretary of State. Unfortunately, the property’s address probably doesn’t match the business address. Corporations often own several properties, so they will list their main office’s address. Some will even use their home addresses to make sure they receive mail.
As long as you have the property owner’s name, you can find their contact address online through the Secretary of State. The database should also list the company’s Registered Agent. It should also list other people authorized to make decisions on behalf of the business. Reaching out to everyone listed on the incorporation documents should help ensure that you reach someone who can give you more information about buying the property.

Research Commercial Real Estate in Florida With Help From ProspectNow

ProspectNow gives you the easiest, most accurate way to find out who owns a property in Florida. This CRE prospecting tool has a database that includes 40 million commercial properties and apartment buildings, 30 million businesses and companies, and 15 million corporations.
When you use ProspectNow, you don’t have to worry about finding outdated information. Instead, you get the correct information that you need to contact property owners. If an LLC or other type of business owns the real estate, you can often find the contact information of the person responsible for making decisions for the organization.
ProspectNow also helps you identify Florida commercial real estate owners likely to sell their property. Predictive analytics evaluates public information to pinpoint owners struggling to make loan payments or earn profits. You can reach out to the property owners and make a deal to purchase the real estate. Making a move before your competitors help ensure that you get the best deal on your investment. It also helps the current property owner avoid future payments.
View a demo of ProspectNow so you can make an informed decision about how the platform can help you earn more money from commercial real estate in Florida.

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