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How to Find a Property If You’re a CRE Agent

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A commercial real estate (CRE) agent’s success relies on knowing how to get commercial listings that generate strong returns on investment (ROI). Some of the most successful CRE investors realized in 2020 that they needed to pivot to digital technologies. Unfortunately, not everyone uses the latest tools to make CRE deals more efficient and simple.

The 2021 commercial real estate market has given professionals more surprises. For example, property acquisitions fell throughout the industry, except for when it comes to hotel acquisitions. The industry has become increasingly competitive as investors try to take advantage of opportunities while avoiding potential pitfalls.

The following guide shows you how to get commercial listings from ProspectNow and why that approach yields better results than other methods.

How to Get Commercial Listings From ProspectNow

ProspectNow has a commercial database that includes about 40 million commercial properties. (You can also access more than 100 million properties through the residential database.) Several features make ProspectNow an efficient way to target commercial listings that are likely to sell in the near future.

Filter Commercial Listings to Find Properties That Interest You

Perhaps most importantly, you can filter commercial real estate listings by several factors, including:

  • Location (state and city, zip code, or even a defined area around a specific address).
  • The types of properties that interest you (such as commercial and multi-family properties).
  • Property characteristics (such as square footage, zoning, and number of units).

Alternatively, you could spend a lot of time going through public records that don’t always offer accurate information. They certainly do not make it easy for you to filter results. Instead, you get stuck doing the job manually. All of that wasted time is wasted money.

Get Real Contact Information for Decision-Makers

If you already have experience working as a CRE agent, you probably know how hard it is to find accurate contact information for commercial properties. Commercial properties often list companies as their owners. You might have a physical address and phone number, but they apply to the company instead of a decision-maker within the organization.

ProspectNow eliminates these challenges by giving you real contact information to decision-makers. Instead of trying to convince a receptionist to connect you with an executive, you can reach out to the right person to start a meaningful conversation. Essentially, ProspectNow breaks down the barriers that prevent most agents from talking to the real decision-makers.

What’s the alternative to using ProspectNow’s real contact information? You will probably need to contact the area’s secretary of state – or use their online database – to find the names of people who incorporated businesses. Not surprisingly, state databases don’t always offer useful information. Often, you get the same phone numbers and physical addresses as those listed for the company.

Save Time and Increase ROI With Predictive Analytics

Ideally, you want to dedicate your time and resources to commercial real estate owners interested in selling their properties. You need to know more than how to get commercial listings. You need to know how to get commercial listings that will go on the market and sell quickly so you can get a return on your investment.

Again, ProspectNow has features that will save you time and resources.

The ProspectNow database uses machine learning and predictive analytics to determine which properties will probably get listed within the next 12 months.

Predictive analytics works by accessing public information and comparing it to real estate trends. For example, a property owner who has fallen behind on mortgage payments is more likely to sell their commercial real estate than an owner who makes mortgage payments on time. Similarly, the financial data of a commercial property owner could indicate an upcoming failure that forces them to sell.

When you reach to a property owner in financial distress, you could get an excellent price on the commercial real estate in question. In many cases, it’s a win-win for both parties. You get real estate at a low price and the current owner gets to avoid late payment fines, defaulting on a mortgage, and other serious financial problems that could hurt their business success for years.

Build a List of Commercial Property Owners Likely to Sell

Building a list of commercial property leads creates a foundation of success for many commercial real estate agencies and investors. Ideally, you want a list of targeted leads likely to respond to your messages.

ProspectNow makes it easy for you to learn how to build targeted lists with its database. Watch this video to view the intuitive user interface and see how quickly you can create a list of leads from within the ProspectNow platform.

Once you have a list of vetted leads, you can contact owners using the method that works best for your business. Some agents and investors find that they benefit most from calling commercial real estate investors. That way, they can introduce themselves and start a conversation about future real estate deals.

If you want a more hands-off approach, you can send emails, letters, or postcards.

Regardless of how you choose to communicate, you can build search the ProspectNow database and create a list of high-value leads within a minute. Now, you have the opportunity to focus on leads that matter, improve your ROI, and spend more time cultivating long-term business relationships.

Start Your Free Trial With ProspectNow and Start Earning More Money!

Plenty of real estate databases say that they can help you find commercial real estate listings. Few of them, however, update their databases daily to make sure you get accurate information. Even fewer use machine learning and predictive analytics that will help you discover how to get commercial listings that convert. Those high-value leads will make your business more successful without forcing you to spend more time cold calling property owners.

ProspectNow has valuable features at affordable prices. We even offer a free ROI calculator that shows you how much more money you could make by joining the platform. Enter your details to see how you could boost your revenues.

ProspectNow has been around for over a decade (since 2008). The data you can get from ProspectNow is a lot more expensive on other competing platforms. By using ProspectNow, you can find more leads, close more deals, and make more money! ProspectNow is a vital tool for business success in real estate or real estate marketing. Additionally, ProspectNow is trustworthy, easy to do business with, and a provider of reliable data.

Get your free trial today so you can experience the benefits of using ProspectNow!

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