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How to Find Land Owners Quicker When Using ProspectNow

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If you haven’t worked in the real estate property investment industries for long, you might still assume that finding out who owns land requires nothing more than following a simple process. In some cases, that’s true. Eventually, though, you will encounter frustrating challenges that makes it seem impossible to track down the actual owner.

Becoming a ProspectNow member makes it considerably easier to find who owns land and contact them about real estate opportunities. You might not appreciate the ease of ProspectNow until you learn about the traditional methods of establishing real estate ownership.

After walking you through some of the most popular ways real estate buyers, sellers and investors used to work, you will have a renewed appreciation of what ProspectNow offers.

How Do You Find Out Who Owns Land Without ProspectNow?

In most states, you can start your search for a property’s owner by reaching out to the correct county clerk’s office. If you already have the correct address, you might have an opportunity to find the real owner and that person’s contact information with relative ease.

You quickly run into problems following this route, though. Consider that Kentucky is only the 36th largest state with 120 counties. Even a slight inaccuracy could quadruple the amount of effort you invest in research. It’s far from impossible, but it’s a waste of time. As even a beginning professional knows, time wasted on fruitless research is money wasted on a potential investment.

Many counties also have trouble keeping their files updated. It’s easy to feel bad for the clerks. Those working in plenty of counties have small budgets and very little technical support. Unfortunately, the combination means that you can get outdated information about who owns land.

Again, you waste time and you lower your ROI.

What Happens When Companies Own Land?

An additional layer of complication gets in the way when you find that a company owns a piece of land. Documents will often list the company as the official owner. To make matters worse, the accompanying contact address might lead to a P.O. Box or the address of an assistant who never passes your letter along to a decision-maker within the company.

How do you learn about investment, buying and selling opportunities when you never learn the name of the person who owns the land? It takes a lot of digging, potentially contacting the secretary of state’s office and jumping through hoops until you reach the right person.

How ProspectNow Helps You Learn Who Owns Land

ProspectNow operates two massive databases. The residential database has records of about 100 million properties. Many of the listings include residential property data such as its sales history, foreclosure status, listing status, location and taxable value.

The commercial database has records of about 42 million properties. Most importantly, the database gives you the contact information of the true owner. You don’t get a company’s name that turns into a dead end. You get the company’s name, the name of a decision-maker and that person’s accurate contact information. With one glance, you know who owns land that interests you.

Daily Database Updates Helps Ensure Accuracy

How accurate are the property listings in ProspectNow? The databases get updated daily, so members get access to the latest information available.

It can take some time for recent purchases to reach the database. Regardless, you get the most accurate information available. Other real estate databases make similar promises, but they charge considerably more money for it. With ProspectNow, you get updated information about who owns land at a much lower price.

Other ProspectNow Features That Could Benefit Your Business

ProspectNow can do much more than give you accurate contact information of who owns land that interests you or one of your clients. Some of the other features that can make your business more successful include:

  • Predictive analytics that use public information to determine which properties are likely to get put on the market within the next 12 months.
  • Information about whether the property is in pre-foreclosure, foreclosure or other situations that can help you negotiate lower prices and improve your ROI.
  • An API portal that lets you funnel information from the ProspectNow databases to the CMS or seller system your office prefers.
  • Real estate training that teaches you how to make the most of every ProspectNow feature and apply it to your real estate business.

ProspectNow is dedicated to improving its platform to meet the needs of today’s real estate buyers, sellers and investors. Many subscribers also use the platform to find people interested in refinancing mortgages. Knowing who owns land makes it easier for all of these professionals to succeed.

Start Your ProspectNow Free Trial to See Who Owns Land Quickly

Finding out who really owns a plot of land can take a lot of time when you rely on traditional methods. Everything changes when you gain access to ProspectNow’s databases. Suddenly, you have millions of properties and the contact information of their owners right in front of you.

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