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LionDesk Review: Finding the Right Real Estate CRM

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential component of your real estate business. With so many options available on the market today, it can be challenging to find the right CRM software for you. 

LionDesk is one of many real estate-specific CRMs to choose from. As you try or research new options, we wanted to provide a concise review of LionDesk including its many benefits, features, cost, and commentary from other customers. 

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LionDesk: Key Features and Pricing

LionDesk’s top feature is its CRM capabilities. The platform offers a place for you to organize client data and set reminders for critical tasks. Other standard CRM features include automated communications and effortless set-up of multi-channel drip campaigns to help you close more leads. But there are a few other features that make LionDesk stand out from the competition.

LionDesk Features 

As noted on the LionDesk website, one feature that makes the platform stand out is its commitment to “constant improvement and innovation.” 

What else makes LionDesk different from other CRMs?

  • Transaction management to help navigate clients through to closing
  • Lead generation through Facebook
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Search and share listing from the MLS (multiple listing service)
  • Integration with compatible tools
  • Pre-built text and email campaigns
  • Lead assist and follow-up using artificial intelligence software

LionDesk Cost

After a 30-day free trial, LionDesk offers three pricing tiers based on your budget and your needs. Payment can be made monthly or annually — you receive a discount when you choose an annual plan. 

Starting at $25/month or $250 billed annually, customers receive full access to the platform. However, the number of emails and texts that can be sent each month is somewhat limited. 

The next tier, PRO+, is the most popular option at $49/month or $499 billed annually. This level allows for more communication with clients. It also includes new features such as a custom phone number, text-2-sell shortcodes, white-label email domains, and administrative sub-accounts.

LionDesk’s top tier is the Elite package for $99/month or $999 billed annually. This option provides the most flexibility for communication with clients. You also get priority support, contact integration and import, and one-on-one training to help you and your team get the most out of the platform.

There does not appear to be an unlimited option for calls, emails, and texts at any tier, and clients in the basic tier pay more in overage charges than with other tiers. Choose your tier based on the amount of communication you wish to have with clients.

Note that there are also custom pricing options available for enterprises.

LionDesk Pros and Cons

Like any platform, LionDesk has its pros and cons. These are a few of the biggest advantages and disadvantages mentioned by LionDesk users.


  • It can be used with Android and iOS devices, and it is compatible with cloud computing technology
  • Competitive pricing for the features offered
  • A large number of features compared to other CRMs
  • Task management functionality helps agents keep track of each step in the real estate process


  • Difficulty using your own number for text campaigns
  • Additional costs for using your own number in text campaigns
  • Limited customization of data fields
  • Trouble with integrating certain tools and apps

What Others Are Saying About LionDesk

The best way to determine if a CRM is right for you is to see what real users have to say about the platform. Here is some of the feedback shared by LionDesk clients. 

Good Value But Missing Features

On, small business realtor David B. commented about his experience using LionDesk. He said it has “Tons of features for the busy realtor at a fantastic price.” However, he also says there is room for improvement. “Transitioning from the older product… took way longer than I would have liked. Still need to include some older features in the newer product.”

Not The Same As It Used To Be

An unnamed small business realtor lamented the changes made to LionDesk’s platform on G2. “I’ve actually been a LionDesk customer since they started and have unfortunately seen their devolution… any pros in this system have been overshadowed by so many negatives.” The user goes on to say: “The ‘improvements’ to the user interface were long-awaited and very underwhelming. The increase in price for the platform absolutely is not justified by the minor improvements.”

Horrible Customer Service

Real estate agent Nancy N. noted on Capterra that: “The system is not bad but with no customer service, it can’t be maintained.” She detailed systems errors that went unaddressed and angered her clients as a result. “I called repeatedly for 3 days but, the 3rd day, when it was apparent that nobody was looking into my issue, I canceled them.”

Alternative CRMs

Overall, LionDesk has many positive reviews — though several clients do emphasize a need for better customer support — but that doesn’t guarantee it is the right platform for your business. When looking for the right CRM, be sure to explore some of these other options as well. 

  • Follow Up Boss: A CRM designed for smaller real estate teams to help them follow up quickly and close more leads.
  • Wise Agent: Much like LionDesk, Wise Agent is advertised as an all-in-one platform that offers customer management, marketing, transaction management, and more.
  • Top Producer CRM: A web-based CRM that focuses on creating custom landing pages, lead capture, and tracking.

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