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4 Ways Realtors Can Use Digital Marketing to Increase Sales

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A smartphone displays some social media apps realtors can use to increase their digital marketing in real estate

4 Ways Realtors Can Use Digital Marketing to Increase Sales

No realtor can ignore digital marketing for sales. Marketing your services online helps you generate new leads and close more properties. Some marketing methods, however, are more successful than others. Learn the best digital marketing for real estate techniques that drive sales below.

1. Email

There are now 4.04 billion active email users—more than half of the planet’s population. By sending emails to leads (property investors and owners who might want to sell their residential or commercial units) about new property opportunities, you can increase awareness about your services and encourage potential customers to contact you for more information. 

The most successful realtors use email campaigns to move leads through their sales funnels. For example, a campaign might start with emailing investors about new off-market properties and end with an investor closing on a residential or commercial unit. Here are some tips for successful real estate email campaigns:

  • Personalize emails with information in your real estate CRM or another software platform. Personalization might include placing a lead’s first name in email headings or sending communications about off-market properties in a particular price range based on financial data you have about that lead. 
  • Make emails more visual by incorporating property photos in messages. You can also include clickable maps that provide directions to property viewings. 
  • Send emails to leads after they show interest in a particular property. Potential customers can find alternative residential or commercial units with a similar price if a sale falls through. 
  • Always include the benefits of working with your realtor business in emails. For example, explain how you can help an investor find an off-market property that matches their requirements or help them navigate the challenges of buying or selling a residential or commercial unit. 

Tip: You might want to email owners about your services and demonstrate how you can sell their properties at a fair off-market price. Finding the email addresses of property owners can be challenging. Prospect Now provides the contact information you need for more successful real estate marketing. You can also find detailed property ownership, sales history data, and listing data to include in emails to investors. Prospect Now lets you unlock new insights and make valuable connections with potential customers.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains one of the most important digital marketing for real estate trends. It involves improving (or “optimizing”) your realtor website so it appears higher in search engine page results and drives more sales. If you want people to see your website near the top of Google results when searching for “off-market properties in New York City,” for example, SEO can help you achieve this goal.

SEO can be a long process that involves many variables. Here are some tips for improving the search visibility of your web pages:

  • Include relevant keywords and phrases in your website page content. That helps search engines crawl your site and determine its position on results pages for those key terms.
  • Update your blog regularly with high-quality, informative content. You can also reblog older posts. 
  • Use meta descriptions to describe your website page content. 
  • Focus on the user experience. Ensure website pages display correctly across all internet browsers and devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Remove any elements that slow down your site.
  • Ensure contact information is correct and consistent across your website, blog, and social media pages. 

3. Social Media

Social media can improve digital marketing for real estate by increasing awareness of your services and generating more sales. Take Twitter, for example. You can post information about new off-market properties (without giving away any specific details) and encourage investors to contact you for more information. Alternatively, you can explain the benefits of listing an off-market residential or commercial unit to property owners and drive them to your website for more details. 

Here are some social media tips that enhance digital marketing for real estate:

  • Use different social media platforms for different audiences. For example, Twitter and Facebook tend to skew older than TikTok and Pinterest. However, using all of these platforms to advertise off-market properties or attract property owners (an “omnichannel” approach to digital marketing) can prove valuable. 
  • Post content regularly. Investors, for example, are more likely to follow your Facebook profile if it contains up-to-date information about new off-market properties in their areas.
  • Encourage followers to like, share, and comment on your content. 
  • Make your content visual so it stands out in social media feeds. You might want to post a photo of a neighborhood with a new off-market property opportunity. Alternatively, post content that illustrates the benefits of investing in property. For example, a bar chart showing how much value properties in a particular market might generate over the next few years.

4. Webinars

Webinars are effective digital marketing tools for real estate. For example, you can broadcast a free webinar to potential investors and explain the benefits of purchasing off-market or “silent” properties in a particular market. You might want to include an investor who has made a living from buying these properties in your webinar. Alternatively, host a webinar for property owners and outline the advantages of selling their property quickly for cash.

Even though a webinar might be free, you can ask for leads’ email addresses and other contact information in exchange for an invitation to the event. You can also promote your event on social media. 

Broadcasting a webinar is easier than you think, especially if you invest in good audio/visual equipment and a promotional strategy. Any property sales will generate a return on your investment—and then some. 

Final Word

Digital marketing for real estate doesn’t have to be a hassle. Using tried-and-tested techniques like email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and webinars can help you connect with investors and property owners and generate more sales in the long run. Use a tool like ProspectNow to source the information required for your digital marketing campaigns!

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