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Getting Real Estate Leads as a New Agent

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Getting Real Estate Leads as a New Agent

So you’ve completed your real estate education and received your license. You’ve just joined a firm or started a business of your own. Congratulations — you’re finally a realtor! The problem is that you need new leads to kick-start your career and don’t know where to find them. Without leads, you can’t sell properties. Without selling properties, you can’t generate commission. 

What should you do?

The good news is that every realtor has been in your shoes at the start of their career. With a little perseverance, you can build up a network of interested buyers, motivated sellers, and wealthy investors looking for your services and start making some serious cash. This post tells you more about real estate leads for new agents.

Tap Into Your Existing Resources

You probably bumped into potential leads — perhaps without knowing it — during your real estate education and any internship or training programs. Those prospects might include investors you met at a networking event or on a webinar looking to work with ambitious and talented realtors like you. Think about anyone who might be interested in your services, and reach out to them. Find their contact details online. Send them an email. Mail them a business card. Get your name out there.

Even if a prospect isn’t interested in working with you right now, they might know a person who is. Your area’s real estate investment market might be relatively small, so someone can quickly connect you with someone else. 

Go Out and Look for New Leads

If you can’t draw on your existing resources, you need to go out there and find new ones. There are various ways to do this:

Ask Friends and Family

You might have a loved one with a property to sell who didn’t realize you’ve just become a realtor. That property might be the first one you place on the market and generate a healthy commission from. 

Use Direct Mail

Direct mail might seem like a dead marketing method, but it can still produce lucrative leads. That’s because some demographics — older sellers and buyers, for example — don’t respond to digital marketing at all. Sending real estate mailers advertising your services to homes in a particular neighborhood might require an outlay in printing and mailing costs, but you could quickly pick up a handful (or more) of new leads.

Include why you are the best person to sell a property in your area in your mailers and what makes you different from other realtors. Perhaps you specialize in off-market homes or commercial properties or charge a smaller commission than your competitors. 

Host an Open House

Organize an open house when you have your first residential or commercial property on your books. Not only will this event help you sell that property, but you can also use it to network with buyers and investors and advertise your services as a realtor.

Even if those leads aren’t interested in that particular property, you can exchange contact information and work together in the future. You might find a wealthy investor looking for a realtor like you!

Cold Calling

Cold calling might annoy some prospective customers, but it still proves valuable when generating real estate leads for new agents. For example, you can ask homeowners in your target market if they are interested in selling their homes soon. Then you can explain why you are the best person to do it.  

Use the Internet

The internet is still the most lucrative method for generating leads for new agents. You will likely devote the bulk of your marketing budget to these digital technologies:

  • Social media lets you promote your properties to buyers and investors in your market. 
  • Content marketing lets you create content like blog posts and videos that increase awareness about your services.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you target leads on search engines and direct them to your website or blog. 
  • Paid advertising does the same as above, with sometimes even better results.
  • Affiliate marketing involves other real estate professionals advertising your services to their audiences. That might include real estate influencers with large numbers of social media followers.
  • Websites like LinkedIn and Slack help you connect with property investors in your area.
  • Websites like Zillow help you advertise your properties and attract buyers.

Generating Real Estate Leads for New Agents: Use Prospect Now 

ProspectNow is a comprehensive database for every property in America powered by the latest predictive analytics. You can access information such as property ownership data and uncover leads that are likely to put their homes or businesses on the market in the next 12 months. With that information, you can contact those leads and promote your services. That allows you to target off-market leads before competitors and increase the chances of adding new properties to your portfolio.

ProspectNow has all the information you need for generating real estate leads for new agents. View comparables, market fit, and loan origination information in one centralized system and benefit from a single source of truth for all property-related data in your market. There’s no need to search county courthouse or local government records to find property owners and other information when generating leads. 

ProspectNow has supported over 33,000 real estate companies worldwide since 2008 and can provide you with the lead generation data you deserve.

Final Word 

Generating real estate leads for new agents can be a long process, and it’s all about taking baby steps. Over time, you’ll create a list of contacts that you can use to sell more properties and generate commission. Follow the tips above for real estate leads as a new agents, and become a more successful realtor in a quicker timeframe!

Every property in the U.S. is at your fingertips when you invest in ProspectNow. Start your free trial and start generating leads in your target market.

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