5 Ways to Keep Mid-Funnel Leads Engaged

It’s pretty frustrating when a lead is just…stuck. They aren’t a new lead, but they also aren’t taking any action either. So, what can you do to keep the lead engaged? There are a few approaches you can take to get these leads moving and active again. Here are five ways to keep mid-funnel leads engaged.

Initiate Contact

Once you have identified which leads are “stuck” you need to reconnect. A great way to do this is to use a targeted email campaign which only involves creating a quick email in your CRM and then scheduling it out and letting your automation system take over. The email can be as simple or detailed as you’d like and it is an easy way to reconnect and resuscitate these stagnant leads.

Utilize Social Media

Social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn can be an non-intrusive way to reconnect with leads. Send a quick link to an article you think they would appreciate to open up the line of communication again or even post to your account and stay active so that your posts are showing up in this prospect’s feed.

Don’t Spam

A successful rehabilitation of a mid-funnel lead does not include spamming them. Do not just send something irrelevant in order to get in front of them. Send this lead information you truly believe they will find useful and will appreciate. Spamming a lead is the quickest way to kill any chance of turning them into a client.

Determine What Leads are Worth Your Time

You won’t be able to revive all leads stuck in this mid-funnel. You need to decide which leads are truly dead and which ones are just in between. Be careful not to remove leads from your database that may come back in the future and eventually mean business, but also if you have not had a good line of communication thus far, it may be time to push these leads off your radar. Make sure to send quality leads regular updates and keep them in the loop on the market.

Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid to reach out to an important lead that may just not be responding to email campaigns. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to get that lead active again. Write a personal and original message that is unique to a specific need they have and suggest ways you can help them accomplish this goal. You can also remind them of your experience and direct them to your website or blog. This will get their attention quickly and will make them feel like a true priority.

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5 Email Examples for Staying Top-of-Mind with Clients

Email marketing has been proven to attract prospects and keep real estate agents top-of-mind for both clients and prospects. It’s no surprise that people spend the majority of their workday checking and responding to emails, which is why having the perfect email campaigns to send will help you grow your client list and truly reach your audience.

Here are five email examples for staying top-of-mind with clients and helping build rapport.

The Who Email

When it comes to real estate, you want your clients to trust you and feel connected to you. Use this email to let people know who you are. Offer insight into your interests, your specialties, your background and your proven success rate. This is also a great place to include client testimonials.

The What Email

What makes you unique compared to competitors? What can you offer that they don’t? Clients want to work with people who they feel truly understand their wants and needs. Give them an overview of what your services are and what you specialize in. Include specific neighborhoods, home sizes, home types, etc. to give a more detailed overview of how you help your clients.

The When Email

Build rapport by giving your clients and prospects valuable information. Give details on events coming up in the area and mention great spots to eat or hang out in surrounding areas. You can also highlight when your upcoming open houses may be and include small photos and descriptions of the homes. You may also send out an email that features events in specific neighborhoods to give a closer look at the community vibes.

The Why Email

This may be the most important email you send to build rapport. This is your elevator pitch – why should they choose you to help them sell their home or purchase their home? This is a great place to highlight a recent closing and give details on the transaction and info on how you helped the customer find their dream home or sell their home.

You can also include testimonials and recommendations in this email as well. This can help turn a prospect into a client – especially if the situation is similar to the prospect’s situation, whether it be needing to sell quickly or wanting to buy a home in a popular neighborhood.

The Trends Email

Send an email with your thoughts on recent trends in the area you work in. Back your opinions up with facts and really do some research to establish yourself as a thought leader in the real estate industry. This will help grow rapport with clients and prospects and will keep you top-of-mind as a resource for all things real estate and market related.

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Grow Your Email List: 10 Tried and True Growth Hacks

Has it been awhile since you’ve updated your e-mail database? Two years ago Market Sherpas conducted a survey that showed that your e-mail list “decays” by nearly a quarter every year.

Meaning, if you haven’t updated your email list in a year, it’s likely that a fourth of your contacts are out of date. Considering that e-mail marketing gives you the highest return for your marketing dollars, it’s time to pay closer attention to your email database. Here are 10 steps you can take now to begin growing your email list again.

10 Tried and True Email Prospecting Hacks

Here’s a bonus tip to get you started. Your subject line will determine whether or not your email gets opened or sent to the trash. Start off prospecting with a direct and succinct subject line that gets to the heart of why they should read your message.

#1: Clean Up Your E-mail Database

Outdated email lists get unsubscribe requests daily. Get rid of your outdated emails and then send your good contacts an email letting them know they can opt out while reminding them why they are on your list to begin with.

#2: Let Your Prospects Choose Subscription Options

Some of your prospects will want a weekly e-mail. Some want to hear from you every day. While still others could do with far fewer e-mails – a monthly subscription perhaps. Give your email recipients options for choosing their preferred e-mail frequency. They’ll appreciate it and be more likely to open the e-mails that you send.

#3: Give Your Prospects a Chance to Win Something

Whether you are giving away a $25 gift card to the first 10 signups or offering a raffle drawing for survey respondents, people love a chance to win something. At the very least, it will get more opens. Make sure you are giving away something that your prospects will want.

#4: Offer an Exclusive and Valuable Download

Unlike giving away something that may be totally unrelated to real estate, offering an exclusive but valuable download should be used to highlight your expertise in real estate. Have you written an e-book? Do you have a whitepaper that your prospects would find useful? Offer those as a free download for registrations or newsletter signups.

#5: Use Subscription Opt-In Boxes, Not Subscription Pages

Once your prospects are convinced to sign up, make it easy for them. Use an opt-in box – don’t make them click on a link to go to a separate subscription page. And don’t ask for an arm and a leg; a simple name and e-mail address plus subscription option will suffice.

#6: Share Compelling Videos from Your YouTube Channel

Do you have your own YouTube channel? If not, start one. People love video and are most likely to click on a video share than plain text. However, people don’t trust links from unknown sources. If your video is on YouTube your prospects will be less leery of clicking on it. Once on your channel, they can look around at your other video content.

#7: Highlight Well-Known Guest Bloggers with Link to Full Post

How many times have you read an article because the guest writer was someone you admire? Use that same strategy to garner interest in your web content to help grow your email list. Highlight the guest blogger (make sure it’s someone your email list will know and be interested in) with an excerpt. Include a link to read the full article on your website.

#8: Provide Access to a Webinar or Event that Shows Off Your Expertise

Your prospects want to know that you know your stuff. There is no better way to show off your expertise than with a live webinar or online conference. If you were a guest speaker at a big national real estate conference or you have a published book that you’ve turned into a webinar series, give your subscribers exclusive access to that content.

#9: Engage Prospects with a Quick Survey or Poll

Ask your prospects one to three poll questions and then share the results in a cool infographic. It will get a lot of opens if you personalize it; Subject line: “You spoke. We listened. Here are the results!”

#10: Make Your Content Easy to Share

Social media icons are not just for your website. Add a share button in your e-mail content for easy sharing.

Grow Your Email List with Actionable Leads

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8 Ways to Successfully Prospect via Email

Email prospecting
Reach out to prospects via email marketing — it’s one tried and true way to increase ROI and create a pool of repeat real estate clients.

Digital marketing is about a number of different online mediums. But don’t let prospecting via email get lost in the shuffle. This may be the original form of online marketing, but it’s nonetheless still one of the most effective ways to market any business.

Eighty percent of business professionals rely on email marketing, and insist it improves customer retention. For real estate agents, working in the commercial and residential sectors, that’s an impressive statistic. You can keep working with your prospects via email throughout their current and future real estate journeys.

If your target market is the millennial age group, the stats support email marketing: 73 percent of this demographic prefer to receive emails from businesses over any other communication method.

That’s evidence that prospecting via email is still powerful, and works alongside social media and SEO to get you the best leads. Email outreach — especially when you’re reaching out to solid potential contacts based on a comprehensive property and owner database — deserves a place alongside of all other digital methods to bolster your real estate business.

But not all emails are equally effective. You should, and can, develop an email marketing strategy that turns your emails into conversions. Here are 5 tips for writing great marketing emails, and 3 more for making your emails particularly dynamic and meaningful.

Tip 1: Answer the Question: Why Choose Your Services

Start with the point right out of the gate. Use the subject line of the email to grab the prospect’s attention. Tell them why opening the email benefits them. Focus on the service, not you — at this stage of your prospect via email strategy, your respondents may not know enough about you to open the message by virtue of your name alone. In that flash of curiosity, they will open the email and skim — step one of your conversion strategy.

Tip 2: Make it a Personalized Email Conversation

Don’t jump right into the sales pitch with your prospect. Start a conversation in the email, with a carefully crafted piece of information. Answer a question that’s connected to their business or real estate concerns. You will show off your expertise, at the same time showing your prospect that the email has something to offer them — and that your services may be of value. In the competitive world of real estate, your advantage is your impressive knowledge base.

Tip 3: Prospect Via Email and Voicemail Follow Up

There’s one danger with email marketing — it often sounds impersonal, like your prospect was one of thousands on an auto-generated list. Ease their concerns by showing you are interested in their specific business needs. Call and leave a voicemail, then follow up with an email. This shows that they are not just a target of spam advertising — they are important to you. After all, you’ve likely used smart search filtering to identify them as an important potential contact. Let them know the contact was not random.

Tip 4: Offer Something of Value

Think for a minute about the emails you receive from businesses. When you have one that simply acknowledges you as a customer, versus another that gives you something you can use — like a coupon or discount code — which one do you respond to? You don’t have to give your email prospects any discounts, but you should outline a service pitch. Tell them what you’re offering — make it brief, but specific enough so they know what the deal is.

Tip 5: Make “the Ask” Explicit in the Email

In any digital marketing, the call to action — aka “the ask” — is one of the most important features. This is where you get your reader to do something in response to the email. Focus on building great content in your email body. Get their attention, make the pitch, and then tell them how to get in touch. It’s as simple as saying, “sign up for our newsletter,” or “call us to view properties in your price range.” The ask is up to you — just make it targeted towards your ultimate conversion goals.

So, those are some easy tips for the structure and content of your emails to prospects. Here are three more ways you can get attention and responses.

Bonus Tip 1: Include cool graphics. Who wants to skim through text, when they can look at pretty pictures? A few shots of your latest listings can do the trick, as well as a headshot of yourself and your team members.

Bonus Tip 2: Make it mobile-friendly. Forty-six percent of email opens happen over a mobile device. If you’re not optimizing for mobile, you’re going to give your prospect a frustrating experience — so they’ll likely click delete.

Bonus Tip 3: Use an email builder. Just because you want to make it personal doesn’t mean you can’t prospect via email using technology. Mail Chimp and others can help you get the job done — so it looks professional and makes prospects want to get in touch with you.

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6 Tips for Improving Email-Opens and Click Through Rates

If you have been running an email marketing campaign, you are probably wondering how you can improve your open and click through rates. These six tips will help you increase your open and click-through rates so that your email marketing campaigns become even more successful.

Target a Specific Audience

The best way to get email-opens and good click-through rates is to first make sure you are targeting the right audience.  This blog will go through the mechanics of getting your target audience to open, read and then take action in a moment.  Select your target audience thoughtfully and carefully, ensuring that they have a same or similar problem and/or opportunity that you can solve for.  This allows you to craft a concise and specific value statement.  Once you have that profile, a tool like ProspectNow’s Advanced Predictive Analytics can get you that information quickly.

A/B Test Subject Lines and Email Content

Click through rates refer to the amount of clicks you receive from the body of your email. But in order to improve your click through rate, you have to get people to actually open the email. A/B testing can help you determine whether a shorter subject line or a longer subject line is more effective and what content receives more opens. This is the best way to improve your open rate. Be sure to also A/B test on the content of the email with both longer and shorter email copy.

Reduce Clutter

The shorter your email – the better. Keep your copy short and to the point to reduce clutter in your email. Shorter emails will increase the likelihood that recipients will actually read through the entire email all the way down to your offer before becoming bored and hitting the delete button. Put the most important information first to ensure that the reader sees it. It’s important to get rid of distractions within your email. Leave out the header that includes your website navigation and leave out multiple call to actions with the hopes that readers at least click something in the email. You only need one call to action – the rest is clutter. Think back to the goal of them email and center your copy around it without including excess information that may distract readers.


The best way to grab people’s attention is to personalize the email you send. Include their name in the subject line and in the body of the email. The more you know about the lead, the easier it will be to get their attention. Target your prospects and include information that is personalized to their wants and needs. The last thing anyone wants to read is a generic and mundane email.

Sense of Urgency

Readers will want to react quickly if you include a sense of urgency in your email. This will encourage more click-throughs and will create a sense of competition among recipients.


Make sure that your emails are mobile-optimized. In a technology-driven world, most people check their email on their phones. If your email isn’t mobile-friendly, it will likely be deleted. Increase your click-through rate and open rates easily by ensuring that your email is compatible with mobile devices.

Add a P.S.

Including a P.S. at the bottom of your email is a great strategy for reiterate your point and to attract the attention of those who are simply skimming your email. Our eyes are naturally drawn to this visual call out and it’s a great opportunity to A/B test whether you receive greater or fewer click-throughs with this inclusion.
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