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Should You Social Prospect for Business?

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Do you remember getting advice for your first job interview? We’re often told to do some research —that you should know a little about the company and the person you will interview with. Why? So that you’re better prepared to answer questions, and it’s a great way to spark a conversation or connection. Why should this be any different when you’re looking to generate new business?
When reaching out to a new lead or prospect, you don’t want to come off as cold —a salesperson making a pitch. Instead, it should be about making a connection and building a level of trust. To do this, it’s important to do your research.
Where did the prospect go to school? What projects or organizations are they currently involved with? Do you have any mutual contacts or friends? These little bits of information give you an opportunity to engage beyond “just” business.
Here’s how you can use social media to learn more about a prospect before engaging with them.
Who’s NOT on Social Media?
These days, it’s more uncommon for an individual to not have a social media profile versus those who do. Even company websites link to their different social media platforms via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Instagram to help build their brand and engage with potential clients.
LinkedIn is a great platform to find out more about your prospect. Designed for the professional, it is known as the “World’s largest network with over 400 million strong” and gave us all the ability to build a professional identity online and to stay in contact with colleagues and classmates. It was also designed to help discover professional opportunities, business deals, and possible new ventures by finding common connections in your industry.
LinkedIn profiles allow colleagues and other professionals to view a snapshot of one’s resume’ including information such as education, experience, skills, endorsements, certifications, organizational involvement, volunteer experience, and even recommendations from peers.
Why is this important and why should you be using it to your advantage?
A LinkedIn profile can be used as a gateway to find common interest or connections, and a way to make the conversation more personal. For example, you and your prospect both went to the same college or are members of the same organization. Why not ask them about an alumni event or the upcoming meeting? It’s a conversation starter that can easily lead to the real reason you called. It’s also a great way to show your prospect that you want to know more about them and that you have similarities.
With so much information out there on social media, you’re sure to find information on your prospect. By doing so, you’re better prepared to approach or engage with a potential client, all while letting them know that you took the time to learn more about them and how you can help find or sell their next property.
If you’re interested in finding out more about prospecting leads and how to generate more business, make contact with us at ProspectNow and let our team show you how much easier the entire process can be.

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