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14 Must-Download Productivity Apps for Real Estate Agents

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It’s been a rough year. But you can update your real estate agency’s tech stack and get ready for a productive new year.
Technology keeps getting better, and so do productivity apps for real estate agents. New apps and old standbys keep agents on task, attaining goals, and meeting timelines. All of which lead to greater success in the future.
The new year brings opportunities for rethinking how you do business. How will you redesign your real estate workflow? It can’t be said enough–time is money. The more time you save, the more money you can earn.
Check out these 14 must-have productivity apps for real estate agents.

#1: Haiku Deck

With the Haiku Deck app, you can create beautiful and professional-grade property listings and attention-grabbing presentations. It can also be used for business presentations and shareable reports.
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#2: BoomTown

Take your property marketing to the next level with real estate marketing software, BoomTown. BoomTown is an end-to-end system with robust features for lead generation, website hosting and creation, and customer relationship management (CRM). It’s literally everything you need but the listings! ProspectNow can help with that.
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#3: Notability

Sure, there’s always paper and pen, or the infamous notes app on your phone — but Notability takes note capture to a whole new level. And you can create docs, share them, sign contracts electronically, and so much more.
Bonus: Also from Ginger Labs, their new app, Twobird, turns your email inbox into your to-do list — cool name, playing on “two birds, one stone” logic.
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#4: Evernote

Yes, it’s another note-taking app, but as an agent, you’re always on the go. Whether you choose Notability or Evernote, that’s up to you. You might find the conciseness of Evernote a better resource. This app keeps you super organized, the interface is incredibly user-friendly, and it’s perfect for collaborating with your team on current and upcoming deals.
You can prioritize those notes most important, upload property pics, and even scan text from photos using your smartphone. Not to mention the app seamless syncs between all your devices, and this app’s a winner.
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#5: Dotloop

Collaboration, workflow and transaction management done right — that’s Dotloop. You barely have a quiet moment all day — you’re always in communication with everyone from buyers and sellers to attorneys and lenders. Dotloop provides dedicated channels for private or group conversations and lets you verify and securely sign documents electronically. You can also upload docs, share them with your team, and manage your daily to-dos.
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#6: Radius Agent (formerly AgentDesks)

Radius Agent does your networking for you. When you get this app, you get access to other agents’ and brokers’ listings. When you post listings, those other agents and brokers see them. Your productivity skyrockets. Take a look at their Getting Started video.
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#7: CamScanner

An oldie but goodie, CamScanner turns your mobile device into a quick document scanner. You can scan, upload, and send your documents in seconds. You can also save them as PDFs, crop images to highlight signatures, and more right from your phone.
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#8: FreshBooks

Aside from your normal everyday real estate tasks, you’ve also got to manage your and/or your firm’s finances. FreshBooks lets you track expenses, send & receive invoices, create and download reports, and much more — so you can focus on your listings and prospects.
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#9: Snapseed

This photo-taking and editing app is a powerful addition to any agent’s stack. With Snapseed (available for Android, iOS, and PC use), you can take property photos, enhance them, and immediately post them on your site or social channels.
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#10: Animoto

In addition to photos, buyers and sellers in both commercial and residential real estate want high-quality videos of properties. Animoto lets you create, edit, and share professional real estate videos for your clients and prospects.
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#11: Voxer

When you’re on the road in between showings, you rarely have time for phone calls and you can’t text and drive. Voxer turns your mobile device into a two-way, walkie-talkie — all your contacts just a click away.
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#12: LastPass by LogMeIn

Remember the days when you had to remember phone numbers in your head? Today, it’s remembering your passwords. So, you don’t waste time trying to remember them or going through the motions of resetting them, let LastPass hold them for you, securely.
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#13: Periscope

So, yes, this is another video app for real estate agents, but Periscope is for streaming that video live. Today’s savvy home shoppers take into account if you have property pics and offer virtual tours — if you can take those who tune in on a live video tour, your word-of-mouth advertising will spread quickly. In fact, real estate listings that incorporate videos get over 400% more interaction than those without videos.
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#14: Felt

We’ve all been there — already running late and still haven’t stopped by the local shop to grab a card for the occasion. Whether it’s for a birthday or a simple “welcome home” note for one of your recent buyers, clients love it when you take the time to reach out to them personally.
But first, you need the card, then an envelope and postage stamp, then finally a trip to the post office. You probably don’t have that kind of time, and this is where Felt comes in. They’ll send a handwritten card out for you with your choice of photos and your own personal words.
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Wrap Up

There isn’t a shortcut for all the work you put into collecting data for your agency.
But productivity tools and apps sure make it easier.
One of the best tools you can put in your real estate productivity toolbox is ProspectNow. We offer the same number of listings as our competitors, but for a lot less and with full search functionality. We’ve been in the real estate business since 2012. In that time, we’ve helped thousands of agents just like you find more leads, close more sales, and make more money.

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